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the planetary crystal



The places of power are located on the vertices of the planetary crystal, which is characterized by proportions of the golden ratio. In those locations the materialization of thoughts takes place. When visiting the places of power, it is necessary to watch over one’s thoughts, lest to materialize the negative events. An example of this effect can be seen in the fate of archeologists, who visited the Egyptian pyramids. They all died because of the diseases provoked by materialization of negative thoughts. Therefore, before visiting the potent places of power, it is necessary to cleanse the organism from the negativity.

With the knowledge of sacral geometry, it is possible to create a place of power at any point of the planet surface. Using this knowledge, the “Ocean of creation” group, directed by Viktor Vergun, had created devices which generate the places of power and the devices were called IVA (from Russian “Информационно–Восстановительный Аппликатор – Information Restoration Appliance). Multiple years of observation of functioning of these devices have revealed the increase of space systemacy, cleansing of the space and the living beings from the negativity, and an increase of the vibrational level. In the nature this is expressed through luxuriant growth of vegetation and animals. In humans this is expressed through harmonizing of the health and the ability to form the necessary field of events. With the use of these devices it is possible to change the taste and smell of various products and to increase the quality of fuel in vehicles and other means of transportation. This is happening thanks to the decrease of the field of substances that have negative nature, for example the harmful additives, poisons and other substances, which deviate from the laws of nature. For instance, the Genetically Modified Organisms.


A practical course of wave genetics.

* a demonstration of the laser device for creating sound matrices;
* explanation of the technical details of the origin of matrices and the laser’s principle of functioning;
* hypo-magnetic chambers and their principle of functioning;
* connecting a hypo-magnetic chamber with a laser device for wave genetics;
* different modes of operation of the hypo-magnetic chamber;
* the methods of diagnosing a patient’s condition and their results before and after using the chamber;
* principle of functioning of Reich’s chamber and Kozyrev’s generators;
* working with the harmonizers of various types;
* passive and active harmonizers;
* practical use of harmonizers in complex with the sound matrices and chambers;
* the process of taking treatments in the hypo-magnetic chamber and in the Reich’s chamber;
* the application of musical and art therapy in complex with the chambers.
* An excursion to the laboratories of the Institutes, in which the wave genetics research is being conducted.
For those interested it is also possible to offer lectures on astro-genetics based on Hindu Astrology and on the digital analysis of humans.
* An excursion to the observatory.
* An examination of the Sun Telescope for gathering of Chizhevsky-Valkhoven statistics.
* Information about modernization of telescopes with a transition to the Kozyrev system.

Effect of strip structures





Pip camera



The hardware program complex scanner «Modulated Broadband Electromagnetic Radiation» (MBER)



The hardware program complex scanner «Modulated Broadband Electromagnetic Radiation» (MBER) consists of a laser, which is designed specifically to produce Gariaev’s sound matrices. The laser was developed by Georgy Tertishny, physicist, who worked with Gariaev.

In comparison with the LGN303 laser, it does not have a number of deficiencies. In particular, it is not necessary to wait an hour until the device reaches stabilization mode. There is no distortion of the signal from the photodiodes which are made by the frequency stabilization board.

The absence of the radio receiver that eliminates the difficult selection of the frequency at which the laser signal emits a signal.

The device is equipped with software that allows you to scan the signal from photodiodes in real time and view its Fourier spectrum in a wide frequency range and record the signal into a file of various formatsю

The operating principle of the apparatus is based on the laser polarization hops.

They are sensitive to quantum information when scanning for various objects such as herbs, medicines, crystals.

A set of the hardware-software complex consists of:

1 — specialized laser for matrices

2 — adjustment table

3 — laser stand

4 — stand for adjustment table

5 — software for the computer recording of matrixes

6 — video tutorial how to make the matrixes 


Pyramids with lithium niobate


The optical laser beam modulator can operate in the range from 0 to 5 GHz.

 The optical laser beam modulator can operate in the range from 0 to 5 GHz. Using an optical modulator it is possible to overlay various music on a laser beam. E.g., the Gariaev matrices, mantras, etc., to charge the water by the music overlayed on the laser beam.


Marcinishin tube

The Martsinyshin tube structures water and drinks, fills the Kozyrev time space by energy.


Optical modulator of sound matrices

The lithium niobate is pyroelectric, ferroelectric and piezoelectric; the material produces of two types: for optics and for acoustics. The sound emitters, optical modulators, gates and transformer are made of the material. It has three axes with various properties. If the axis retreats by 36 degrees and to make a facet, its properties will be very special. I have noticed, that 36 degrees equal to 1 DNA step for one codon. I believe that all feng shui and ching are coded methods of making crystals and working with them, for example, the number of electrodes.
The lithium niobate begins its vibrations on two axes; it has the cross and longitudinal vibration effects which go in different directions. While passing a laser beam through the crystal the linear polarization is converted into elliptical or circular right or left. That is why with the help of the sound, there is a possibility to control the phase of the laser beam. According to Akimov, the circular polarization produces the torsion field. If a part of the white light passes through the crystal with the sound supply delivery on it, it gives off only one part of the spectrum. The light deflection is used in various laser shows and dynamic holography. These sciences are called an optic acoustics. 
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