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he crystal torsion generators based on quartz

he crystal torsion generators based on quartz are made of left and right turned quartz. The resonance frequency is supplied to the generators from the pulse generators; then, the crystal torsion generators radiate left and right torsion fields.
In the case of financing, a lithium niobate pyramid will be designed, it will radiate sound and electricity. 


Spiral Harmonizer

Spiral harmonizers change the course of events. The chance to meet friends on the street had seen long ago after the user starts using harmonizer. 

This fact means that there was an uncompleted energy exchange among these people and they meet one another to finish the unfinished things and to take back enegretic connections.

After finishing this period the harmonizer begins to materialize thoughts in the form of events that lead to the materialization of thoughts.



Depending on the condition of a person’s aura, that person may find himself/herself in different types of event spaces. These event spaces are named as follows:

- 1. space of the suffering, where a person has permanent problems in various areas and he/she is not doing anything.
- 2. space of the struggle, where he/she starts doing something, but the negativity still prevails.
- 3. the space of adventures, in which the unexpected events occur with auspicious outcomes, but the person is not in control of them and he/she is being tossed like a sliver in the running river.
- 4. the space of will power; in this space a person can control the events which are not in variance with the divine will

These spaces are connected with the 4 elements, chakras and the musical notes.
A note indicates a frequency at which the aura of a person vibrates.
Through increasing the vibration frequency, it is possible to move to the different levels of the spaces.

There is also the 5th space and the more sublime ones. When these are reached, the siddhi powers are opened up for a person. 



Akimov torsion generator.

 Akimov torsion generator
The Akimov generator using own radiator removes the membrane between parallel worlds and opens the portals to the parallel worlds. The portal remains active for several days after turning off the generator.  The portal parameters depend on the frequency spectrum supplied to the radiator. If two Akimov generators with the same spectra are switched on in various places this has to make a teleportation tunnel through which radio waves can pass in both directions.
The Akimov torsion generator generates left or right torsion field, modulated by various signals. It is possible to use this generator in various spheres such as information transfer, room cleaning, the changes of metals properties, charging of water and others.
 Maintenance manual (extract).
The generator has two connectors. One of them is used for operating voltage (12V DC) supplied from power supply or battery. The second one is for the signal input from the signal generator or mp3 player with the sound recorded. 
The Akimov generator begins to receive the signal started about 1 V range. The sound signal supplied to the circuit of the torsion generator amplifies up to the supply voltage and then transfers to the radiation source. The radiator is made as a conical condenser which is made using a copper conductor, wound in a spiral. This construction allows turning of the magnetic field of the coil perpendicularly to the magnetic field of the magnet which is located in front of the radiator.
There are two switches of the generator.
The first is for switching on and switching on the generator. The second one is for changing of the polarity of the torsion field, so the generator creates right or left torsion field.
Applications: water charging, influence upon plants, mineral products searching, the torsion field connection investigations. 
After using the generator it is necessary to make a depolarization of the environment where it is located.
A phantom remains for a long time after operating of the generator so it is necessary to switch on the device into the opposite polarity mode to deactivate the phantom presence.
The supply of the generator must be positive in the center of the plug; the negative part of supply must be located on the cabinet of the generator.

WaveR - The device for quantum Gariaev matrices radiation by radiowaves

Dr. Gariaev creates the matrices with the help of a radio-receiver. He chooses a frequency in a random way within the range of 530 - 1600 kHz and he records a matrix. Not all the frequencies carry a useful signal; therefore, many of his matrices do not function.

In order to be certain about a positive result, it is necessary to irradiate oneself with the radio-waves of real laser. Then there won’t be a problem of finding a frequency with a useful signal. 


he device for quantum Gariaev matrices radiation by radiowaves



Peter Gariaev creates quantum sound matrices with the help of LGN-303 laser.

The construction peculiarities of this laser allow registering laser beam’s polarization noise and modulating the impulse based power supply unit (switching power supply) with it. Depending on the characteristics of the noise, the power supply unit changes its’ frequency and the impulse width, which in turn influences the wide spectrum of harmonics radiated by it into the air waves.

Laser’s radiator has two beams with linear polarization turned at the angle of 90 degrees respective to each other. These beams have identical radiation power. Polarization noise is described as a phenomenon occurring when the power output of one beam decreases, while the power of the beam with other polarization increases.

This can be registered with special instruments for measuring the noise of lasers.

In order to permanently induce the polarization noise, or the concurrence of modes, the laser is driven into a special mode of functioning with the help of reflected beam. While in this mode, polarization jumps occur permanently. In this mode, the laser is capable of scanning the quantum information from various objects. Through the photo diodes, the signal is being fed to the laser frequency stabilization circuit, which controls the laser furnace, and the impulse based power supply unit (switching power supply) reacts to this signal and turns it into high frequency radio waves, which can be received by the radio set in the AM frequency range. Thus, as per Dr. Gariaev’s assertion, a useful signal carrying the quantum state of the scanned object appears in the sound file.



Dr. Gariaev says that it is necessary to choose the reception frequency on the radio set correctly, in order to pick up the useful signal. At the same time, he does not provide any clear method of doing that.

Therefore, it is possible to further develop the device, which would record the low frequency signal of polarization noise of the laser tube in the form of a sound file to a flash drive or to an MP3 player. After that, the MP3 player would be connected to an identical power supply unit in place of the frequency stabilization circuit, and it would influence the unit’s load. Thus, an identical wide frequency spectrum of power supply unit’s harmonics would be obtained, being modulated by the previously recorded signal from the photo-diodes.

Such a device would allow influencing with the whole spectrum of radio-waves, without the necessity of being physically close to the laser. 



A special attachment has been developed for the LGN-303



A special attachment has been developed for the LGN-303 laser, which consists of the prism, a quarter wave plate and the polarizer. It allows turning a linear polarization into a circular or elliptic polarization (right- or left-handed). The prism splits the laser beam, which contains two orthogonally polarized modes in space based on two constituents. The polarizer allows choosing the clockwise, counter-clockwise, or simultaneously clockwise and counter-clockwise circular polarizations. The quarter wave plate turns a linear polarization into a circular one. The clockwise or counter-clockwise direction depends on the degree to which the phase plate is rotated relative to the linearly polarized beam. A peculiarity of the LGN-303 laser is the fact that it features the geometrical presence of two types of polarization within one beam. Thus, a beam producing a zero point in the space is obtained, which allows erasing the information from various crystals and substances, as well as imposing new energy programs. According to Dr. Akimov’s torsion field theory, a beam with circular polarization is a torsion generator. Thus, by changing the optical polarization, we can modulate the torsion signal. It is possible to create a modification, in which there will be a Kerr cell, or Faraday cell. This would allow modulating the right-hand and left-hand torsion field with the speed of up to several gigahertz. Such a torsion generator can be used for a system of quantum communication, which had been developed by Dr. Krasnobryzhev.


Spinor International



 "Spinor International" company is one of leaders in area of development and production facilities for man defence from negative influencing of the torsion (information) fields, generated by different electronic technique which is used in everyday life.

Our company offer for your devices that after 15 years of researches and use we consider as the most effective:


Устройство "Спинор"Spinor
Device for man protection against the negative influence of a torsion (information) component of electromagnetic radiation emitted by cell phones

Устройство "Форпост-1"Forpost-1
Device for man protection against the negative influence of a torsion (information) component of electromagnetic radiation emitted by monitors of the personal computers, TV sets, other electronic technique

Устройство "Vernada"Vernada Geo
Device is your protecting
from negative influence of 
geopatogenic zones
in apartments.  

Устройство "Vernada"Vernada
Device is protectiong from negative influence
of the base stations of 
mobile communication networks.  

Устройство "Vernada Car"Vernada Car
Device eliminates the negative impact on passengers and the driver of the vehicle electronics, the engine itself.  


Wavegenetics device


The matrix Gariaev are produced with the help of a laser beam reflected from the object which is supposed to provide the matrix. In the vicinity of the laser a radio-receiver is installed, which captures the radio-waves in the necessary frequency range with subsequent recording to computer as a sound file.
For these applications only one type of laser is suitable – the LGN-303.
In order to create Dr. Gariaev’s matrix, an adjustment bench is being installed at a distance of 11 cm from the laser, upon which a photograph is placed, or a drop of blood, or some other substance, for instance a medicine. The beam is reflected back from that substance and returns to the laser. Near the laser there is a radio-receiver in the AM frequency band, which receives the radio-waves from the laser at about 600 kHz. From the radio-receiver the signal is directed to the sound card of the computer, where it is being recorded by any sound editor. For example, Gold Wave can be used. 




Coherent water


In order to create coherent water, a chip developed by Dr. Krasnobryzhev is used. It is called “the synchronizer”. Research has been carried out in Johannesburg on AIDS patients. Positive results have been obtained. You can take a look at the photo of the chip and the test done on patients.


Quantum entangled chips.


In order to produce the quantum entangled chips, an aluminum plate heated to the high temperature is used. The plate is being cut into half after the heating. Thus, two quantum entangled chips are created, through which information can be transferred.

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