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DNA Wave biocomputer functions

The problem of creation of the DNA-WAVE biocomputer is considered, in which one the storage locations on genetic molecules will be used. In the basis of tendered idea are trusted to experimental and theoretical activities of the writers, in which one a) to be demonstrated capacity of DNA to the laser, b) capacity of DNA to generate solitonic waves with memory, c) the phenomenon of transition of the localized photons in radio waves is revealed, d) the phenomenon of spectral storage of DNA by the localized photons is revealed, e) the transport phenomena of the genetic information in polarization modulations of an electromagnetic field is revealed at transition of a photon - radio wave. On the basis of these data the theory of wave genes is built, in which one the dualistic explanation of the genetic information as unity of material and wave encoding functions of the chromosomes is offered. The hypothesis quantum nonlocality of genome of higher organisms is offered. The set of the obtained outcomes allows the writers to suspect, that artificial DNA computing cannot be carried out to the full without the registration of listed properties of the genetic apparatus. Key pattern of the DNA-WAVE computer will be the phenomenon of DNA memory on solitons and on the localized photons with participation of quantum nonlocality of such memory.
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