AURA apparatus-software device (AASD)

The equipment allows you to observe on the PC monitor the visualization processes which are associated with the formation of luminescence during the acceleration of micro particles on the surface of a dielectric in an electromagnetic field;
to store the visualization processes in the form of files and to handle them for obtaining in the form which is optimal for of the most suitable for perception and analysis of the properties and characteristics the objects under study. 
The AURA-SOFTWARE software suite which operates in the Windows 2000 / XP system is used for this purpose, as well as in the earlier PC system versions, too. The software allows you to perform the following functions:
- formation, capture and save control over of the original glow images in the form of AVI, BMP files;
- processing of the received files;
- the construction of diagrams and graphs, mathematical models;
- automatic analysis of data on the input model;
- data storage in the database;
- the operation of all the programs from the database;
- printout of data and graphs;
- transferring data to other programs for additional processing.
The AURA-SOFTWARE software suite contains the following software: 
CAPTURE – Control formation, capture, saving and pre-process the original monochrome images in the form of AVI, BMP files
AURA CENTER – This program is necessary for the centering the received images.
AURA COMPARE – Calculation of characteristics and parameters of the initial images and their comparison for different shootings of one client and many the clients, too.
AURA DIAGRAMS – Processing of the initial files which are obtained from capturing glow images around the tips of ten fingers of a human's hand, based on a diagnostic map of the correspondence between the areas of glowing of the fingertips of a human's hands with the state of his systems and organs; construction of a three-dimensional virtual aura around the human body based on the initial data and model according to the known diagnostic map; monitoring of the state of the main systems and human organs based on the parameters of the original images obtained from ten human fingers and a graphical representation of the complex parameters of the luminescence images of the object according to the calculated statistical parameters of the object, for example, for the testing the complex.
AURA DATE BASE – Preservation of the original and processed information in a compressed form; searching and sorting of the data by significant features. The operation of all the programs of the software complex. This program is the shell that unites all the other programs of the complex and allows you to conveniently operate on the data.
AURA CALIBRATION – Calibration of the complex. Operates in conjunction with the capture programs and the formation of diagrams.
AURA OLOR MATRIX - harmonization of the aura by color matrix chakral harmonizers
AURA ASTRO - computation the size of the biological field which is based on astrological diagrams
AURA AUDIOMATRIX - creates audio matrices of the aura to harmonize them.
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