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 This is in the south of China and by ferry only 1.5 hours away from HKG. The next bigger intenational airport in mainland China is to my knowing Guangzhou Baiyun International Airport  

Zhong Shan, China.



Planetar Grid System


The transformation of quantum scanner signals into the DNA sequences.

The quantum scanner is based on the LGN 303 laser operating in a stabilized mode. The laser modes jumps are recorded as the audio file which is heard as a buzz during listening. The signal above zero of the audio file indicates the laser frequency drift over the normal position which is fixed in the manual; the signal under zero of the audio file indicates the laser frequency drift below this position. Thus, the frequency jumps above null is assigned the Yang energy (or 1 of the binary scale); respectively, the frequency jumps below null is assigned the Yin energy (or 0 of the binary scale). Thus, we receive the binary informational file from the audio file. I Ching can be used for its decoding where every hexagram corresponds f the human's DNA codons. 
It is necessary to use two methods of analyzing such sequences. In the second version of the analysis, a 1-bit bias must be made since the beginning of the sequence of the information spin bit file is unknown. The resulting DNA codon sequences can be searched on specialized sites where the human genomes are the functions of searching for genes from given sections of sequences. Also, such binary files can be transformed into text and numerical sequences with the subsequent search them in databases of dictionaries. It is possible to create video images based on these files. Such methods give the prospect of using a quantum scanner based on the LGN 303 laser in instrumental transcommunication.

Torsion field detector

Torsion field detector based on quartz generator. Torsion fields, abnormal time zones and psychics affect the properties of crystals. A quartz resonator with a large crystal that works on sound frequencies was taken for the detector creation. Its frequency can be controlled using a frequency meter or PC. This frequency should change when influenced by different fields. If the frequency decreases, this will be the left field, if the frequency increases, this will be the right field.

Krasnobryzhev coherent fields


Translations of articles, monographs,

Translations of articles, monographs, thesis, other literature from the former USSR libraries from Russian into English; searching, sending of scans of originals and professional translation in Word-pdf formats via email. Physics and related sciences.

HMS (Hologram Matrix Scan) Hardware and Software System


The HMS Hardware and Software System had been created for analysis and research of the sound and radio wave spectra received with the help of a laser device based on the LGN-303 laser, which had been used by Georgy Georgiyevich Tertyshny, Nikolay Grigoriyevich Kokaya, Peter Petrovich Gariaev in their experiments.

The software system consists of several modules – programs and devices for connecting the laser scanner with a computer and other devices.

Description of the software modules.

1. “Data base” software module controls the spectra base. It is possible to edit the information about the spectra, to add the new spectra and to start from its shell various other software modules for analysis of the saved spectra.


2. “T-Analysis” software module – it analyzes the cosmo-genetic situations and chooses the time for creating a spectrum with necessary parameters.

3. “Linguistic analysis” software module – it processes the recorded spectrum with various methods and analyzes it for the presence of text information. It is possible to select in the settings various types of alphabets and connect the dictionaries, according to which the presence of useful information is being verified.
4. “Musical Matrix” software module – it is used for converting the information of the spectrum received with the help of PWM (Pulse-Width Modulation) AFC (Automatic Frequency Control), or with the PWM PS-41 (Power Supply – 41), into a musical melody. Two main types of converting are used: space-based converting and time-based converting.

5. “Scanner” software module – it is used for extracting the information from a photograph for the subsequent visualization. Two variants of information extraction are possible:
1. general photograph background extraction;
2. pixel by pixel extraction of information from a photograph.

6. “Visualization” software module – it carries out the processing of the received photograph spectrum and its graphical analysis.

7. “Irradiator” software module – it reproduces various types of recorded spectra in different frequency ranges. This is connected with significant losses of useful information in sound matrices. Therefore, all the experiments with rats carried out by Mr. Tertyshny, Mr. Kokaya, Mr. Gariaev, were conducted with the help of the total spectrum of radio waves radiated by the LGN-303 power supply unit. 



Akimov torsion generator.

 Akimov torsion generator
The realm of application of the torsion Akimov generator
If to switch on the mantras reproduction by the torsion field space will become the source of a power with vibrations of mantra. It is better to make lessons on yoga and meditation in such space because space becomes coherent and the negative energy disappears.
  The Akimov generator can be used for the space cleaning and phantoms deletion on the places of negative events. If to switch on the generator near the dirty lake it will be cleaned during the certain time. For the cleaning of the lake water it is necessary to charge three litres of water in the glass container during two hours, then to pour it out into the lake. The result will be arised during 5 days 
The Akimov generator using own radiator removes the membrane between parallel worlds and opens the portals to the parallel worlds. The portal remains active for several days after turning off the generator.  The portal parameters depend on the frequency spectrum supplied to the radiator. If two Akimov generators with the same spectra are switched on in various places this has to make a teleportation tunnel through which radio waves can pass in both directions.
The Akimov generator can radiate the frequences of Hz range that kill virused, parasites and bacteria in accordance with the Royal Ramond Rife method 
The Akimov torsion generator generates left or right torsion field, modulated by various signals. It is possible to use this generator in various spheres such as information transfer, room cleaning, the changes of metals properties, charging of water and others.
 Maintenance manual (extract).
The Akimov generator can be used for the torsion field creation and the phantoms fo the sound matrixes of Gariaev.
The MP3 player is connected to the torsion field radiator; afield which is modulated by the information begins ro radiate from the cone. The sound files can be of various types, e.g. this can be a Gariaev sound matrix or the frequency series by Rife.
Hereby, the torsion field can be modulated in space using the Gariaev matrix. A human who is located in this space will be transferede in to the state the human was fixed on the photo. 
After two hours of Akimov generator operation in such mode a phantom is created in the room with the information taken from a human in youth.
The staying of the human in such room returns the state of youth and events taken place in times when the photo was done. 
The generator has two connectors. One of them is used for operating voltage (12V DC) supplied from power supply or battery. The second one is for the signal input from the signal generator or mp3 player with the sound recorded. 
The Akimov generator begins to receive the signal started about 1 V range. The sound signal supplied to the circuit of the torsion generator amplifies up to the supply voltage and then transfers to the radiation source. The radiator is made as a conical condenser which is made using a copper conductor, wound in a spiral. This construction allows turning of the magnetic field of the coil perpendicularly to the magnetic field of the magnet which is located in front of the radiator.
There are two switches of the generator.
The first is for switching on and switching on the generator. The second one is for changing of the polarity of the torsion field, so the generator creates right or left torsion field.
Applications: water charging, influence upon plants, mineral products searching, the torsion field connection investigations. 
After using the generator it is necessary to make a depolarization of the environment where it is located.
A phantom remains for a long time after operating of the generator so it is necessary to switch on the device into the opposite polarity mode to deactivate the phantom presence.
The supply of the generator must be positive in the center of the plug; the negative part of supply must be located on the cabinet of the generator.

The objects transition into a coherent state.

For the purpose of the transition rooms, territories, devices or mobile stations into a coherent state it is necessary to make a photo of the objects using Polaroid or the photo film and put the picture on the generator of the coherent field. Thus, there is a possibility to annul the negative influence of the geopathic zones and mobile phones and improve the operation and the efficiency of various devices.
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