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Coherent sound

A coherent sound is created using laser radiation converted into sound vibrations. Lasers are sources of the coherent state of photons that oscillate with one frequency and phase. The transformation of light into sound leads to a coherent state of sound. When it is emitted, the space around the radiator acquires a coherent state. Coherent radiation can be modulated by various substances and photographs, coming into touch with them. The laser beam copies the state of the object being scanned. The space brought into a coherent state is an abnormal zone - a place of power where thoughts are materialized. It can be with the right or left spin. Thus, by bringing space through coherent sound to an anomalous state, it is possible to create places of power that attract the necessary energies and events. The sound installed in the mobile phone spreads through radio waves to the base station of mobile communication and makes the entire coverage area a force area. The installation of the coherent ringtone in your mobile telephone transforms the space around you into a coherent state.

The radiation source of quantum matrixes in space by Gariaev

The radiation source of quantum matrixes in space by Gariaev



The lithium niobate can be used as a light filter in the video camera. I

The lithium niobate can be used as a light filter in the video camera. It can be placed into the objective lens and supplied by the different frequencies. The niobate will produce different spectra images. Thus, a video camera which shows the aura could be made.


The magnetometer can be used for investigations of abnormal zones properties of dolmens and pyramids and the UFO landing areas, too. The magnetometer can scan the telluric currents of the Earth.



We investigate the following themes

We investigate the following themes:
- torsion fields
- wave genetics investigations
- the influence of harmonizers on events
- developing a video camera that can see torsion fields
- the creation of a communication system based on the principles of macroscopic teleportation and entangled states
- transformation sound to the image using lithium niobate crystals
- forecasting of solar activity
- development of torsion field sensors
If you are interested in these topics, you can finance them by speeding up their implementation
The quantum sound matrix made by the method of Gariaev consists of several files:
1 - an audio spinor file where the sound frequency is modulated by the jumps of the polarization of the laser beam reflected from the photograph
2 - transformation a spinor sound file into a melody
3 - transformation into video and audio sequences
4 - designing of a graphical matrix which, after printing, can be used to charge water and as a harmonizer 

System of quantum communication

A system of quantum communication

V.G. Krasnobryzhev




The quantum (teleportation) communication is realized instantly irrespective of the distance between the transmitting and receiving Systems. The main elements of these Systems are a chip-translator (transmitter) and a chip-inductor (receiver), which are quantum-mechanically entangled by spin and are formed from a macroscopic matrix of spin-entangled nuclei.

When the spin state of the nuclei of atoms of the chip-translator is changed, the spin states of the nuclei of atoms of the chip-inductor are also simultaneously changed. In this case, the exchange by spin states (information) between the chip-translator and the chip-inductor occurs instantly without any field carriers and is independent of the distance..

Such a type of communication is considered to be trivial, since the entangled nuclei of atoms of the chip-translator and the chip-inductor have the common wave function.

In Fig. 1, we show the scheme of the experimental System of quantum communication. In this system, we used the universal system of teleportation of spin states similarly to other technologies.

1 – generator of spin states (GSS), 2 – resonator, 3 – chip-translator А,

4 – chip-translator В, 5 – chip-inductor, 6 – spectral analyzer, 7 – generator.


The System of quantum communication includes:

GSS 1, resonator 2, chip-translator А 3, chip-translator В 4, which is a dielectric of capacitor С1, chip-inductor 5, which is a dielectric of capacitor С, spectral analyzer 6, whose input is connected with capacitor С2,generator 7 connected with capacitor С1, In this case, chip-translator 3, chip-translator 4, and chip-inductor 5 are entangled by spin.

As a dielectric material, we used: a) ceramics, b) water, c) textolite.                                                                       

The details of the experiments are as follows:

1. The spectral analyzer, whose input is connected with capacitor С2, was positioned at a distance of 10 km from the generator connected with capacitor С1 and from GSS and the resonator.

2. In the resonator, we placed a dielectric material (e.g., ceramics) and mounted chip-translator А 3.

3. After the switching-on of GSS, the resonator, chip-translators 3 and 4, and chip-inductor 5 were transferred in the coherent state.

4. The sequence of the action of the generator on capacitor С1:

a) the dielectric material was ceramics; the generator was switched-on in 5 sec after the spectral analyzer. We used the vocal and musical actions for 5 sec. The spectra are presented in Fig. 2.

b) dielectric material is water – the high-voltage generator is switched-on in 5 sec after the spectral analyzer. The action was high-voltage discrete for 5 sec. The spectra are given in Fig. 3.

c) dielectric material is textolite – the high-voltage generator is switched-on in 5 sec after the spectral analyzer. The high-voltage action was of the Morse-code type. The spectra are given in Fig. 4.

V.G. Krasnobryzhev


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Этот e-mail защищен от спам-ботов. Для его просмотра в вашем браузере должна быть включена поддержка Java-script

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Using Gariaev matrices as a mobile telephone ringtones

Using a photo of a person who is fixed in good mood during some pleasant events a spinor matrix is made by the Gariaev method. Using a special algorithm this matrix is transformed into a melody which is installed then as a mobile telephone ringtone.
Thus, every time when someone does a telephone call, the matrix playback starts and the sound reproduced from the mobile phone generates the vibrations in the surrounding space which are attracted from the events and the state of the person which is fixed during the photographing in the past.
In this way, it is real to create a set of photos and melodies from these photos that attract the necessary events.
The moment of these tunes playback is also important: the best is synchronizing it with the beginning of another event.
One way to start another event is to start a phone conversation. This is the point of bifurcation in the temporal matrix of events that can be influenced by the spinor spectrum or the photo melody.

The use of a quantum scanner in instrumental trans-communication.

There was a method of guesswork using mirrors with a candle on the corridor in ancient times; then, they observed who would appear in the corridor. 
A quantum scanner for trans-communication is developed based on this method. A helium-neon laser as a source of coherent light is used instead of candles. The corridor of mirrors is made with the help of the glass and the front mirror of the laser. A special system of photodiodes transforms the light received from the corridor into the sound which is fixed by the radio receiver. The tuning of the signal received from the necessary person is attained by the location of person's photo behind the glass which is an outer mirror of the laser. Thereby, the mirror laser corridor contacts with the necessary person for the audio communication with him. An example of tuning to a station in the other world can be seen in this video.

David Iсke Quantum Matrix PETER GARIAEV





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