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Akimov generator

The Akimov generator using own radiator removes the membrane between parallel worlds and opens the portals to the parallel worlds. The portal remains active for several days after turning off the generator.  The portal parameters depend on the frequency spectrum supplied to the radiator. If two Akimov generators with the same spectra are switched on in various places this has to make a teleportation tunnel through which radio waves can pass in both directions.

HMS (Hologram Matrix Scan) Hardware and Software System


The HMS Hardware and Software System had been created for analysis and research of the sound and radio wave spectra received with the help of a laser device based on the LGN-303 laser, which had been used by Georgy Georgiyevich Tertyshny, Nikolay Grigoriyevich Kokaya, Peter Petrovich Gariaev in their experiments.

The software system consists of several modules – programs and devices for connecting the laser scanner with a computer and other devices.

Description of the software modules.

1. “Data base” software module controls the spectra base. It is possible to edit the information about the spectra, to add the new spectra and to start from its shell various other software modules for analysis of the saved spectra.
2. “T-Analysis” software module – it analyzes the cosmo-genetic situations and chooses the time for creating a spectrum with necessary parameters.
3. “Linguistic analysis” software module – it processes the recorded spectrum with various methods and analyzes it for the presence of text information. It is possible to select in the settings various types of alphabets and connect the dictionaries, according to which the presence of useful information is being verified.
4. “Musical Matrix” software module – it is used for converting the information of the spectrum received with the help of PWM (Pulse-Width Modulation) AFC (Automatic Frequency Control), or with the PWM PS-41 (Power Supply – 41), into a musical melody. Two main types of converting are used: space-based converting and time-based converting.
5. “Scanner” software module – it is used for extracting the information from a photograph for the subsequent visualization. Two variants of information extraction are possible:
1. general photograph background extraction;
2. pixel by pixel extraction of information from a photograph.
6. “Visualization” software module – it carries out the processing of the received photograph spectrum and its graphical analysis.

7. “Irradiator” software module – it reproduces various types of recorded spectra in different frequency ranges. This is connected with significant losses of useful information in sound matrices. Therefore, all the experiments with rats carried out by Mr. Tertyshny, Mr. Kokaya, Mr. Gariaev, were conducted with the help of the total spectrum of radio waves radiated by the LGN-303 power supply unit. 


Акимов А.Е. о Спиноре ( Spinor )


Transfer of information on Lupichev


Virtual electrons

Anatoly Pavlenko offered the hypothesis that a torsion field consists of virtual particles. Like this, the operation of mobile telephones causes left torsion fields producing virtual electrons that generate free radicals in the human body and unhealthy affect it. This theory is partially confirmed by wave genetics. After listening to the matrices created by the laser apparatus, virtual quantum organs appear on which the organism begins to work.

Дэвид Айк в Москве


Кому интересно посетить или организовать выступление Дэвида Айка в Москве пишите 



Camera space Kozyrev


Vega indicator of torsion fields


Mobile Harmonizer

Mobile telephones interfere with your cells’ electromagnetic frequencies and your cell-communications. This is not due to the carrier frequencies or sound frequencies, which make the mobile phone work. It is because the mobile signals are being sent in small pulses, not as a continuing frequency. These pulses are put together rapidly so it appears to be a continuous sound, just like a movie becomes alive when a lot of still pictures are put together. These pulses give high peaks and high frequency over-tunes that damage your cells. That is also why some experiments show no harm by using mobile telephones, because they are performed with frequency modulators, creating the frequencies with a harmonious waveform.
Most studies done with actual mobile telephones demonstrate damage to the cells. Only 2 minutes use alters the blood brain barrier allowing toxic elements to penetrate the brain, according to university studies. Brain cell function decreases with mobile telephone exposure, and sensitive organs, like the pituitary gland, fail to function properly. This effect gradually decreases after exposure, but there is also cumulative damage to the cells, which increases the risk of brain tumors, and other diseases.  
The Mobile Harmonizer has a holographic matrix that resonates with mobile radiation. This radiation follows the path of least resistance, and the matrix of the Harmonizer is designed to resonate with the radiation, and therefore becomes the path of least resistance. When most of the radiation resonates with the Mobile Harmonizer first, a field is created with the same frequency but with a gentle sine-wave-form. This field then synchronizes with the original and damaging radiation, and it becomes one harmonized field. The dangerous high peaks get damp-ened, the frequency pattern is rounded and the high frequency over-tunes disappear. You still have the same cycles per second and field strength, and therefore the mobile phone function is unchanged. But with the altered waves, the negative influence on the cells is decreased by 98%.

Fredrik Lübbing, Master of Science, Physics
at the University of Stockholm explains how harmful transients are eliminated with Mobile Harmonizer

Mobile Harmonizer works with all GSM and most wireless phones. If you have a 3G/UMTS phone, we recommend that you
set it to GSM mode when using the phone, because 3G has frequencies which are damaging even with harmonized waveform. Be aware that with a 98% effect on GSM phones, you still have 2% of the problem left. Therefore mobile phone usage should still be limited, and for children avoided. However , this is undoubtedly the best protective device available today, 3 times more effective than the best competitive technology. The 98% reduction in negative effect is determined by measurements with the medical device EIS and the quantum biomedical device Introspect. A 12 month study is currently being performed at CBFS. Many people who used to have symptoms from mobile telephone usage don’t have symptoms when using the Mobile Harmonizer.

To install the Mobile Harmonizer, simply take out the battery and stick
it on the telephone body. Place it as close as possible to the antenna on top, leaving the sim card uncovered.
If size is a problem, the yellow strip with the web address can be cut and removed.
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