Scanner of civilizations from the Atlantean pyramid

The products can radiate ultrasound and, possibly, electricity.
This is the science of optoacoustic.
Lithium niobate has longitudinal and transverse acoustic waves.
The cutting of the lithium niobate crystal at different angles along X or Z axises the crystal will possess different properties of sound radiation.
For example, the indention of 36 degrees along the X axis and making the crystal face gives the transverse waves appearance called acoustic modes.
The making of the crystal face at the 163 angle gives the longitudinal acoustic mode, the analog of the light polarization.
Thereby, the cutting of the crystal faces at various angles gives the different acoustic properties of these crystals.
I think, this knowledge was known in Atlantis.
We solve the problem about the choice the angles of cutting the crystals and the axises location.
My offer is as follows: the Z axis will be the axis of the pyramid, the X and Y axises will be the faces of the pyramid.
A transparent conducting coating can be sputtered on the pyramid faces; thus, a condenser analog will be received.
Theoretically, it is possible to cut the vertex of the pyramid and to spray the contact there, and on the pyramid base, too.
Thus, a condenser will be received, at 20 degrees heating a 50 000 volts discharge will occur and there is a probability of lightning from the vertex of the pyramid.

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