spin matrices of torsion fields

The English edition of a book is expected to be published in English about spin matrices of torsion fields based on ancient patterns and sacred geometry. The energy of the patterns, their importance and the method of receiving individual generators based on sacred geometry will be described in this book. The publishing of this book requires funding. The English edition of this book will be sent to persons who buy the sound spin matrix from the photo

Ukrainian embroidery corresponds to the figures of Chladni and to conoscopy of various optical crystals that are visible in polarized light. This means that ancient civilizations had knowledge of optics and acoustics. In this way, they informed their progeny schemes of resonant frequencies of the ether and knowledge of optics, and acoustics. Using this knowledge realizes the possibility of to excite the torsion fields in space and to control these fields.
A book contains colored illustrations, diagrams and explanation is planned to be published. This requires funding for a translator from Ukrainian to English and to pay the publishing house for printing. Anyone who buys a sound matrix made using a photo, mobile telephone harmonizer for $100 will receive a book after it’s printing. The received money will be invested in translation into English the book by Maria Chumarna.
The translation of the book will begin after at least 10 matrices have been purchased to get $ 1,000 for translation. The same amount is required for the printing of books by a publishing house.
Everyone who buys the Ukrainian edition of the book receives the matrix made by the Gariaev method using a photo for free.The number of copies of the book is limited Those who have no money, please share this info among your Facebook friends and other sites This is an email address for everyone who is interested: [email protected]

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