Opinions of listening programs Matrix Gariaeva

Opinions of listening programs

Alice July, 2 years, 9 months.


e-mail: [email protected]

The mother Anastasia July is writing. The comment about treatment of my daughter, Alice July by technology Wave-Linguistic Genetics. In June, 2008 my daughter got the diagnosis mucoviscidosis in medico-genetic center of Yekaterinburg, Flotskaya street, 52. The body weight is 15.3 kg, height 96 sm. Nasal breathing is difficulty. The chest is of regular shape. The single medium rales among all lung fields. Cardiac borders according to age, heart tones are clear, rhythmic. The abdomen is not bloated, with round shape. The USI results from February: diffuse changes of liver pulp, pancreas and other. On March 21, 2011 we visited the doctor Nadezhda Vasilievna Ustinova, which offered the academician P.P. Gariaev to use his technologies for treatment of mucoviscidosis. P.P. Gariaev has read off the specific (spinal) spectrum from the photograph of Alice’ cousin that is acting, as Peter Petrovitch explained, as a intermediate link between Alice and her cousin through their Universe hologram according to Bohm-Vernadsky-Berkovitch, which consists all information of Alice and her cousin including the sister health factors confronting muciviscidosis. Namely these factors have healed my daughter. It is based, as explained Peter Petrovitch, on using the statement on quantum non-locality of coupled elementary particles. It results as a coupling effect of three components of healing process: photograph of the healthy Alice’ sister, photograph of ill Alice and Universe hologram with all exist including people. The spectrum was transformed in sound. And this informational sound influenced my daughter and healed her. As I discovered, such kind of spectra have been approved and have a powerful influence on other diseases.

Within five months Alice listens to the sound program recorded from the photograph of her sister 4 times a day consistently. Remarkable that previous drug treatment did not get any improvement of Alice’ well-being, as well all methods of mucoviscidosis treatment. All this time Alice feels herself well. She had cold-related illnesses only 1 time with fever and cough, which lasted only 2 days. At the present time the breathing is quiet and measured. The coughing is much better, very rare and effective. Previously, there were permanent complications of chest cold with night coughing every month. In this context the situation got better significantly. I think that this is breakthrough in treatment of previously incurable illness.

At the present time Alice feels herself very well.

Thanks to Nadezhda Vasilyevna Ustinova, academician P.P. Gariaev and colleagues taking part in healing my daughter!

NadezhdaUstinova, 54 years old


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Dear Peter Petrovitch! Let me express my sincerely thanks to you for my salvation. The history of my tragedy. I am Nadezhda Ustinova, 54 years old, neurologist. On November 8, 2010 I got insult, the right part of my brain got suffered, the left part of the body was paralyzed. The pain was so intolerable that I howled with pain. Emergency ambulance delivered me to the hospital of Naas city (IRELAND). The doctors gave me tramadol (the pain treatment of this medicine is like morphine), the dose 300 mg (day dose is 200 mg) didn’t get me improvements! This nightmare lasted 24 hours. I got the water retention and edema. The brain scanning was made. On the pictures the hemorrhage was discovered. In November I sought help from Peter Petrovitch. My son sent my photograph, where I am 3 years old. Peter Petrovitch read off the information from the photograph by laser and made the sound program. The miracles started 10 minutes after listening to! I got feelings as if my two parts of body were joined! I became the whole entity! The absolutely happiness and bliss had come! I could move my hands and feet. The depression had disappeared! I fell on healthy sleep and was sleeping 4 hours. I got no medicines for brain improvements. 5 days later I made magnetic resonance imaging, and there was no hemorrhage and no ischemia zone discovered. The doctors were surprised! But I kept silence… My well-being is being normalized. In October 2008 and in 2010 I was registered as handicapped person with diagnosis bronchial asthma, arthritis of right knee-joint. Due to permanent intake of prednisolone my weight was 122 kg. I went with crutches, shortbreathing, permanent pain feeling and horrible depression.

And now I am not paralyzed without crutches! Without depression! I feel like I am back in my happy childhood! I reduced my weight by 10 kg without diets! I believe that the sound programs of Gariaev Peter Petrovitch are the pure MIRACLE! They do the emergency treatment and there are no analogous of quality. The improvement comes fast and has a stable effect! I am happy! Once again my grateful appreciation to Gariaev Peter Petrovitch.

Sincerely, Nadezhda Ustinova.


As on 1.06.2012 I am in good health and feel myself well. In this period I have not had arterial tension, heart pain, my colds lasted only 2 days, no depression.

Dariush Savitsky, 43 years old

Cork, Ireland

e-mail: sawicki [email protected]

My name is Dariush Savitsky, I am 43 years old, I am therapist. My colleague, Nadezhda Ustinova offered me as system of health improvement consisting of the sound program developed by academician Peter Gariaev. In laboratory of Peter Gariaev my photograph was read off, where I am several days after birth. Afterward there were established the sounds of my absolutely healthy newborn condition. Since February 1st I started to listen to the sound programs of Peter Graiaev. After several days I felt a huge surge of energy and pleasure. I felt myself as I got 20 years younger. I got the great desire to run, jump, do pushups and laugh. I started my active training. During a month my muscles became larger by 20% and my fitness by 50%, I got the sight improvement by 60%, sex drive by 50%. When I feel myself tired I listen to the «sounds of my childhoods” and get fast the recovery.

My great thanks to academician Peter Gariaev for his programs, which returned me the youth, happiness and health.

Best regards, Dariush Savitsky.


Krzystoff Clear, 29 years old

Cork, Ireland

e-mail: [email protected]

Hello, my name is Krzystoff Clear (29 years old). In 2003 I got the diagnosis ulcerative colitis, incurable disease. The prognosis of the official medicine is large intestine excision and death. During next 8 years I got from bad to worse. Blood-tinged diarrhea 10 times a day, permanent stomach pain, weakness, vertigo. I could not work. In January, 2011 I could eat only bananas and cooked carrot, I reduced my weight to 60 kg under height 175 cm. doctors prescribed me the medicine (pentasa), this helped me only at the beginning. For several months I got the improvement but I felt ill again and again; I should also take steroids (hydrocortisone). I got treatment all time. In January, 2011 I met doctor, Nadya Ustinova (neurologist). At that period of time I got blood defecation and no energy. Nadya introduced me academician Peter Gariaev. I sent him my photograph (where I am 1 month on), and he recorded a sound program for me. After 3 days of listening to the sound programs my diarrhea had stopped!! I listened to the programs many times and watched the video program with spectra during the day. I got feel myself better and better! Energy, power, health returned to me quickly! I got an immense appetite. A week later I could eat all products! Now I am permanent hungry!!! After one month of listen my life had changed. At the present time I can eat everything, I have normal and regular defecation, I am gaining the weight (now my weight is 72 kg), I feel myself better, have started to run and training, I am looking better. The official medicine forecasted death for me! The sound programs of Peter Petrovitch Gariaev have brought me back to the life! These programs returned happiness and health for my parents too! First of all, they are glad for me, and, secondly, they listen to my sound programs too. As I have taken over their genetic information, my sound and video programs with spectra can be used by my parents. After listening and watching these programs they got health improvement! My mother is 62 years and my father is 65 years old. One month of listening to my sound programs later my parents had felt the surge of energy and feeling improvement! My mother had aortic aneurism. After listening to the sound programs it has disappeared. I keep listen to my sound programs and hope that my disease never comes back.

I very appreciate to Peter Petrovitch Gariaev for his genial programs that saved me and my mother.

With best regards,

Krzystoff Clear.


Damian Clear, 31 years old

Cork, Ireland

e-mail: [email protected]

My name is Damian Clear, I am 31 years old. In 2006 I got the diagnosis trauma of left knee meniscus and I had a corrective surgery. After operation I have not had a good improvement and kept feel the pain. Late in 2010 I damaged the other knee. For this time I got trauma of both feet menisci, I hardly could move. I am football referee and I must run a large but I could not walk. That was tragedy for me. My doctor, trauma surgeon refused to help me and said that I need a knee surgery, perhaps, it can be done in future.

I began to listen to the sound programs developed by academician Peter Gariaev since February, 2011. In laboratory of academician Peter Gariaev the information from my photograph was read off, where I am several months after birth. After listening during a month my physical fitness got better significantly, after hard trainings my muscles got recovered very fast, I also feel that my concentration get better and I do not get tired as previous. I suppose that the treatment process takes several times to solve my knee problem, that’s exactly why I am going to listen to the sound consistently.

Damian Clear.


Eva Potarchuk, 53 years old


My name is Eva Potarchuk, I was born on 18.05.1959. During two years I am fighting against breast cancer with metastases in lungs. Since 29.01.2011, I consistently listen to the sounds (quasi noise) and watch the video with relax music (avi), my health got better significantly. These sound programs are made by academician Peter Petrovitch Gariaev. In laboratory of academician Gariaev the information from my photograph was read off, where I am a healthy and happy child. After listening to the sounds I sleep silent all night, only a touch of cough and shortbreathing. I dream of future again and see the world more hopefully. I began to feel the food taste, the bulgy abdomen has disappeared, and the tumor got smaller. I got more energy, the narcotic intoxication has disappeared, and the brainwork has become more sober. I am able to do more housework. I consistently listen to the sounds and I am not going to stop.

I appreciate the academician Peter Petrovitch Gariaev for my salvation.


Eva Potarchuk.


Inna Luzanova


e-mail: [email protected]

My name is Inna Luzanova. I am doctor by education. At the present time I am living in Ireland. I would like to write about my feelings after I have started to listen to the audion program recorded from my photograph and made by academician Peter Petrovitch Gariaev. In December, 2010 my familiar doctor Nadezhda Ustinova told me about Wave Genetics. I had read and seen the information about this method in internet. I agreed to order the program. On 20.01.2011 I got the audio files (quasi noise and musical video file), each of it about 6 minutes. After listening at the beginning I did not remark any changes but approximately 2 weeks later I felt improvement of my well-being after the listening: in the mornings I don’t feel heaviness inside my body, wake up in the morning easier, before that I have woke up hardly and felt myself tired. I can mark the improvement of my immune system, I have not have any cold or infection diseases, and previously I often got suffered from herpes on my lips and around my mouth. After listening to the files I have no herpes.

Thank you.


Vadim Maslov



Dear Peter Petrovitch, I beg your pardon for my silence for a long time: On February 20 I departure Moscow being ill and kept in this condition more than 4 weeks (something cold-related, URI or flue, I don’t know). The pneumonia was anticipated but it was managed without complications. In case of disease I wasn’t able to listen to the cube-factor consistently. Totally, calculated from the date of receiving the files from you and up to the March 30, I have listened to about two weeks, one time a day. The regular dose is 3-4 repeats of quasi-noise plus 2 repeats of harmonic. Significant subjective feelings (something vascular in nose and head) were only on the first 2-3 days. At the present day there are remarkable body changes: on March 25 I remarked a low darkening of my gray hairs on my top and afterward on my neck. In a period of 5 days the effect became obvious: the hair darkening was remarked by my wife. It appears that many black hairs have become among gray ones. Though they are very thin (much thinner than gray hairs) but they grow fast enough and achieve 5-6 sm.

With best regards,

Vadim Maslov.


Natasha Erasova

e-mail: [email protected]

Epidemolysis bullosa. Butterfly-children. One child from 50 thousand is sick of its incurable disease. How to help such children, which skin is so thin than it’s impossible to touch it? http://sasha-erasov.blogspot.com/2011/blog-post_14.html

Hello, I’m writing regarding the program listening: we listen it while afternoon sleep and for the night, sometimes I don’t turn it off all night. The healing effect is remarkable from second week of listening, specifically, there is no oozing lesion after second day, the healing keeps on 5-7 day, there are no new «May” bubbles under knees and thighs, the program is efficient.

Thank you for work and patience to all of us, because we are so different!


Prebitkova Svetlana Vasilyevna, 55 years old



Let me express my grateful appreciation to academician Peter Petrovitch Gariaev!

I am Svetlana Vasilyevna, emergency ambulance doctor, was born on March 31, 1957. The diagnosis is diabetes mellitus type 2, vascular papilitis (right inflammation of ophthalmic nerve), hypertensis. On 21.12.2010 I lost the sight ability of right eye. In this context I underwent medical treatment since 14.01.2011 in ophthalmic department of Biysk city, Altai territory. Within 2 weeks there was made a medical treatment without any improvement of my sight condition. From 2.02.2011 up to 12 02.2011 I underwent treatment in ophthalmic department of Omsk. Doctors said that there won’t be any sight improvement. On 21.12.2010 doctor Ustinova Nadezhda Vasilyevna offered me the programs of academician Peter Petrovitch Gariaev. P.P. Gariaev had read off the information from my photograph, where I am 3 years old, and made a sound program for me. I listened to it every day consistently. I remarked the improvement of my sight capacity 1,5 months later after listening to. Meanwhile I can see faces, small subjects as in darkness. I am sure that I will see by the right eye much better.

Within 5 years I take medicines 2 times a day, which reduce the blood sugar. Without pills the morning blood sugar was 13-15. Under regular pills intake the morning blood sugar was always 7,6 – 8,0. On November 1st, 2011 as I was visiting I forgot my pills at home and could not take my night dose. After tea drinking with 2 candies, cakes, my sugar level increased to 14! I had a player with the program «Insulin” about me. I turned on this program for all night and slept with head phones, listening to the light noise of the program «Insulin”. This was my first experience in listening to the program «Insulin”. And how I was surprised that the morning sugar was 6,7! Without pills! I felt a huge surge of energy! I would like to express my appreciation to Peter Petrovitch Gariaev once again! I believe, I can live my life as fit as a fiddle for a long time.

Sincerely yours,



DrobitkoDmitry, 35 years old



On 3.03.2009 I have underwent a surgery regarding cochlear neuritis (acoustic neuroma). After surgery I had face nerve palsy on the left side (0 points), left anacusis (acoustic nerve is excised). About 9 months later I got ability to move the low part of left face half (low nerve-twig), 1,5 points, 0,5 points in upper twig (short activity of separate fascicles of frontal muscle). There was no hearing sense on the left side. Such condition of mine lasted within 1 year; afterward I met doctor, Nadezhda Ustinova, which offered me to recover my health by method of academician Peter Petrovitch Gariaev. In September, 2011 I began to train according to the method of Peter Petrovitch Gariaev. From my photograph, where I am a child 1 year old, the information was read off. 1 year later after listening to the programs my condition became significantly better. At the present moment I have a face asymmetry that is remarkable while conversation, over fatigue. The movements in the lower twig of face nerve are up to 3,5-4 points (the norm is 5 points), in the upper side are up to 2 points. The hearing sense of left ear is being recovered. Now I can hear spoken voice spelt next to the ear.

Thank you,

Drobitko Dmitry.


ZhuldusTanzharyk, 8 yearsold


e-mail: [email protected]

Hello, Dinara Tanzharyk is writing to you. On July 13, 2011 our family Tanzharyk visited academician Peter Petrovitch Gariaev asking him to help our favorite daughter Zhuldus, 8 years old, which has cerebral paralysis. She hardly could walk (spastic paralysis of both legs) and speak. On July 14 we got the sound programs of academician Peter Pterovitch Gariaev. Peter Petrovitch had read of the information from the photograph of our younger healthy daughter. Zhuldus listened to the programs 2 times a day up to the present time. Now she walks much better and can speak audibly.

We appreciate to academician Pewter Petrovitch Gariaev for a miracle healing of our daughter.

Best regards,

Dinara Tanzharyk and Ardak Manapouly Tanzahryk.


Lida Luzanova, 73 years old


e-mail: [email protected]

In January, 2011 I, Lidia Luzanova got acquainted with doctor, Nadezhda Ustinova. She recommended me to buy sound programs of academician Peter Petrovitch Gariaev. Such programs contain the recorded information read off from my photograph, where I am 22 years old. Since January 20, 2011 I began to listen to the programs of academician Peter Petorvitch Gariaev consistently. 2 months of listening to the sound programs with information «from my youth” I got the improvement of my well-being, surge of energy, I had remarked lightness, mobility and no wish to set up my spirits by alcohol.

On 11.03.2011 I fell down and have being felt a knee pain during several days. After 7 days of listening to the sounds the pain absolutely disappeared. Late in Match, 2011 I have made renovations in the kitchen and floor of my apartment. I with my age 73 years have surprised all my familiars by my working capacity.

Briefly about my life. In 1943 my family and I were exiled in Siberia. I was back to the birthplace in Elista only in 1955. At the age of 20 years I got married and brought to life four children. Now there are alive only two of them. Al my life I have worked as plasterer. Since I was 22 years old I got used to drink alcohol regularly. My husband also liked to drink that is why he has gone early in 1993. After 50-55 years I remarked hard drinking periods every 2 months. Up to 21.01.11 the hard drinking period lasted from1 to 2 weeks, maximal 3 weeks. I was a hidden alcoholic, I have never been treated regarding my drinking. Since 21.01.11 up to the present time I have not have any desire to drink alcohol 15 months already. I enjoy my life together with my family.

My family and I appreciate academician Peter Petrovitch Gariaev for returning me as mother and grandmother to the regular life.



Ivantchenko Olga, 35 years old


e-mail: [email protected]

Dear Peter Petrovitch! The matrix developed by you on the base of the photograph is REALLY functioning!!! I have seen the video file and listened to the mp3 record during 2,5 months every day, 4 times a day (mornings, afternoon 2 times and evenings), which were made from my photograph where I am 2 years old. A month later I got better already. Interesting that my foot stopped to worry me after the fracture, which was one year before. The water retention disappeared and my limb began to bend normally. The bending was impossible after plaster removing but now the leg became as before the fracture. The pressure is normal again. As for myoma, it was remarked by doctors in 1998. USI was made the last time in November, 2011. The copy of USI and the copy of assessment after 2,5 months of treatment were sent to Peter Petrovitch Gariaev as confirmation of successful treatment. Additionally, I would like to say that the idea of treatment with this method belongs to my husband. I DIDN’T BELIEVE that it can help me. IT SEEMED UNREAL. So, MATRIX FUCNCTIONS INDEPENDENT WHETHER YOU BELIEVE IT OR NOT. Facts are stubborn things.

I would like to say to Peter Petrovitch my grateful thanks for his wonderful developments in such important case like people’s treatment without surgical intervention. People that doubt about this, just message me via е-mail, I will reply.




Eugene Sokolov, 21 years old


Phone No. Of Eugene’s mother: 8 — 9092656535

A liver of the Tver Region needs an emergency help. Eugene Sokolov has a horrible disease, amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS). In Russia only six cases of ALS are registered or amyotrophic lateral sclerosis. What does it threaten and how to help ill teenager, you can get know from our story. Previously Eugene Sokolov engaged in athletics and boat racing and always took part in social life of the native Konyaev colleague. Now he is suffered by serious disease amyotrophic lateral sclerosis. Svetlana Sokolova, the Eugene’s mother says: ”We didn’t mark it before. And suddenly, in a matter of half a year the muscles got dried, the fingers began to bend over to the other side. The diagnosis is very bad. It is worse that cancer”. The Eugene’s mother fosters eight children alone and she has no money for the son’s treatment. Only for analyses she needs over one hundred thousand rubles. It’s necessary to do. The final diagnosis can be made only in Germany. The following treatment should be performed whether in Australia or in Israel. It costs about half a million rubles.

Ekaterina Ponyaeva, the fellow student of Eugene says: «Doctors in Russia say that such disease is incurable. If Eugene stays in Russia he will die in 3 years, namely lethal outcome. Iа he go abroad the disease can be healed”. There is no worse as the child’s illness, a chronic one and sometimes incurable…

Nadezhda Ustinova has found the mother of Eugene Sokolov. Peter Petrovitch Gariaev has made the programs for spinal cord neurons recovery. At the present time the condition of the boy is stable, there is no decline. It means that neuron decay of spinal and brain cord has stopped.

The Sokolov family appreciates

Academician Peter Petrovitch Gariaev and

Nadezhda Ustinova.


Khusainova Samira Denisovna, 10 months.


Our daughter was born on 03.06.2011. On December 26, 2011 she got diagnosis mucoviscidosis, the mixed pulmogastric, hard run of disease. Dystrophy type hypotrophy II grade. It came up as a crushing blow to us. It’s hard to describe such shock, horror and fear for the life of our baby by words. We began to search information regarding treatment of mucoviscidosis and found out the site of academician Peter Petrovitch Gariaev. There was information about doctor, Nadezhda Ustinova that together with P.P. Gariaev helped successfully a girl from Yekaterinburg, Alice July. She had a similar diagnosis. We sought help from them in January, 2012. Peter Petrovitch Gariaev read off the information from the photograph of the healthy cousin of our daughter and made a sound program for recovery of mutant gene. Our girl listens to the program several times a day. Within 5 last months our baby has not been ill with cold related diseases. In April, 2012 she got examination in a department of Infant Pulmonology in Kazan. The condition of Samira is deemed as sufficient. The girl got better appétit, she got better digestion, gains in weight, has a normal defecation, no cough. We are satisfied by conditions of our baby and professionalism and kind heartedness of these wonderful people. We hope that doctors N. Ustinova and P.P. Gariaev will support us and help us.

The son of our friends is suffered by mucoviscidosis. The boy was in a very bad condition. Now he is much better after the treatment by N. Ustinova and P.P. Gariaev.

I appeal to all parents of children with diagnosis «mucoviscidosis”: seek help from academician P.P. Gariaev and doctor, N. Ustinova.

All Khusainov family appreciate academician P.P. Gariaev AND DOCTOR Nadezhda Ustinova for salvation of our daughter



Evsey Tcherkasov, 2 years and 4 months.

e-mail: [email protected]

Hello, the mother of Evsey Tcherkasov, Tatiana Tcherkasova is writing. In winter, 2011 I met doctor Nadezhda Ustinova. On March 26, 2012 academician Peter Petrovitch Gariaev made a sound information program for recovery of genetic apparatus of our son, Evsey Tcherkasov. P.P. Gariaev had read off the information from the photograph of our healthy son George, where he is 1 month old. Our son Evsey, short name Seva listens to it every day several times a day. About us: I, Tatiana Tcherkasova is 37 years old, my husband Vitaly is 34 years old. We have three sons: Leonid is 16 years old, George is 8 years old; Evsey is 2 years and 4 months old. Seva was born in 2007 году with Down’s disease. During my pregnancy I thought many times and spelt: «Independent from how my child could be healthy, I love him». The maternity was successful. We showed the sun for our baby on August 11, 2007. At the age of one month we went for consultation in a Genetics center, where Seva’s blood was drawn for karyotype. One week later we were called and informed about diagnosis. We were hard shocked and focus is uncertainty. What is it? What will be? Now I do not think that the happened is a trouble. First time I asked myself: why and why we are? Now I am asking myself: for what? What must I understand and do for my life, husband and children? One day we went with mother of a similar (Down’s syndrome) down the street and saw a woman that carried a boy ICP in a chair. We have exchanged the looks. Katyusha (the mother of the boy with Down’s syndrome) said: «What happiness that my son has just the Down’s syndrome. He can laugh, run, sing and dance…”.

Now Seva is two years and four months old. At the age of 4 months he got epilepsy but we have managed the ictuses and began to develop. With birth of Seva the life became brighter to us as before. We love him very much and want him to grow up independent and healthy.

There is a report on week of listening to the program. For the last week we turned on the program for Seva every day from 2 up to 6 times a day. Changes I have marked by Seva:

1.At the first time he responds of the name. Before listening it needed to say 5-8 times and he not always responded.

2.He began to take subjects for manipulations (cubes, toys).

3.He executes the base asks (come here, take, sit down, eat…).

4.The huge amount of babbling sounds (ga-gа, ma-ma, du-du, etc). Before listening he used them rarely and now the mouth is hardly being closed he babbles always.

5.He demonstrate more active his objection or happiness to the offers of parents. He uses the sounds «ne”, «de” oftener.

Here we are!!!! We keep listening to it.

Thank you.

With best regards and appreciation to

Nadezhda Ustinova and P.P. Gariaev

Tcherkasov family


Kostornov Konastantin, 29 years old

skype: kostik5830

Hello. My name is Kostornov Konstantin. Here is my story: 7 years ago, On July 8, 2005 I got a compression fracture С7, I broke the seventh cervical vertebra. Since that time I live in chair. Accidentally, I watched the program «Theory of impossibility, origin of life», where academician Peter Petrovitch Gariaev told about wave genetics. I tried it on me and thought: why don’t I try? I found out all information in internet, handled all site and sent a message via email with description of my situation. I got reply on Mai 27: «we can try», so it is only two words… Frankly to say, I got doubt, I opened the site and found comments with story of Nadezhda Ustinova. I wrote her the same description. On June12, 2012 the reply was the same: «we can try».., but with explanations and offering. Since that we work together with Nadezhda Vasilievna Ustinova. On June15, 2012 Nadezhda Vasilievna sent me the first universal program. At the first time I got fear and doubt, listen to or not? And I risked… Before listening I didn’t got such feelings: I got warm and creeps in my legs, spasticity has disappeared, I was laying 3 hours in the whole peace taking into account that I always have had spasticity to a greater or a lesser extent. I was very surprised. On July 5, 2012 the program was sent that was read off from my photograph where I am as a child. What an unspeakable feelings, I began to feel the position of the legs when I don’t see them. I got the feeling that the legs are of mine. Before it was like they are with me but alien. On July 8, 2012 Nadezhda Vasilievna exercised eniocorrection to me. It brought me back to myself. I have no more dudgeons and got positive mood, there is no depression more. I feel like I forgot all bad things. On July 17 I woke up and was surprised for my positive mood. There was no spasticity, no worry, ни тревоги, one obstacle I wanted to sleep very much.

Listening to the program read off from my photograph, there is a warm and creeps in my legs remarkable, spasticity disappears step by step. The main condition got better. On November 22, 2012, 4,5 months later after the start of treatment by Wave-linguistic genetics method there are the following improvements remarkable. Recovery of skin and soft tissues regeneration, month ago I got combustion of leg skin. The combustions got healed very fast. There were bedsores on the edge bone. At the present time there are no more wounds on the body. I sense warm and cold, pain and touches. I feel my body like the whole entity. Now I am sure that I will be able to walk! On November 15, 2012 I got appointment of neurosurgeon. He was very surprised by my success in recovery of spinal cord functioning. He remarked the progress in recovery of spinal cord tissues in contusional area. The regeneration of my spinal cord goes low but stable. Since my injury there are 8 and half a year ago. Up to July, 2012 and before start of treatment I have not had any changes. As I right understand, the more time from the moment of injury or disease ago, the more time is necessary for recovery of injured functions.

I, Kostornov Konstantin Ivanovitch, am responsible for every word written.

Thanks so much for genius Russian scientist, academician

Peter Petrovitch Gariaev

and doctor Ustinova Nadezhda Vasilievna.


Elena Lobazova



Good evening. I listened to the record мр3 since 09.2012, 6 min. 3-4 times a week, sometimes I watched o movie and listened to the music. Perhaps I did something wrong. But … exactly today my friend and two colleagues marked that I got younger. Everyone said it on different time independent from each other, i.е. this question has been never discussed and didn’t inform anybody on my listening. I myself mark the following positive changes, I go upstairs running without shortbreathing, I have remarked that I don’t go to work but I fly moving very fast wit legs, there is no more spots on my forehead that was 8 years there, towards morning I began to see fantastic celestial dreams, I see that I got younger! The pressure became normal.

You are genius!!!!!!

Thank you for your work,

Sense of purpose, genius

and belief in your great developments!