torsion fields

Quaker-1 torsion field detector

The Quaker-1 device is designed for the geopathogenic zones searching, for measuring the sizes of the auras of humans, crystals,...

Astral meditacion matrix

astral meditacion

Torsion fields and wave genetics conferences

will be held at the energy portals of the Alps and in the USA. Online participation is possible. The conditions...

Old Greek numerology

αβδελυκτος α(1)+β(2)+δ(4)+ε(5)+λ(30)+υ(400)+κ(20)+τ(300)+ο(70)+ς(6)+ = 838 Αβδηρα Α(1)+β(2)+δ(4)+η(8)+ρ(100)+α(1)+ = 116 Αβδηριτης Α(1)+β(2)+δ(4)+η(8)+ρ(100)+ι(10)+τ(300)+η(8)+ς(6)+ = 439 Αβδηριτικον Α(1)+β(2)+δ(4)+η(8)+ρ(100)+ι(10)+τ(300)+ι(10)+κ(20)+ο(70)+ν(50)+ = 575 Αβδηριτικος Α(1)+β(2)+δ(4)+η(8)+ρ(100)+ι(10)+τ(300)+ι(10)+κ(20)+ο(70)+ς(6)+ = 531...

The Beridze-Stakhovsky-Cerpan generator

The Beridze-Stakhovsky-Cerpan generator can be used for the irradiation of water and plant seeds. In the latter case, the growing...

А torsion collimator.

The Akimov torsion generator radiation has the form of a cone. The torsion collimator is needed to transform this radiation...

Астрологические программы

Программа по индийской астрологии Программа по классической астрологии

Star Gate Atlantis

Charging paintings with the help of torsion fields

A technology of charging printed images has been developed using torsion fields contain the healing information. The operation principle is...

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