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Crystal Technologies of Atlantes and Lemuria

currently growing the following single crystals using the Chokhralski method: single crystals of lithium niobate (diameter: 80-100 mm, height: 100-120...

Crystal conoscopy

Crystal conoscopy is used to check the quality of crystals. If the pattern is not the same then the crystal...

Анонс конференции торсионные поля и педагогика

Anatoliy Pavlenko VEGA embroidery codes torsion fields

Goals of the seminar “Transformation of Reality”

Our reality has a holographic nature, consisting of multiple dimensions. Dark entities had penetrated into our dimension and reprogrammed the...

Kimatika ADARIS

Coherent water from Kozyrev mirrors

Kozyrev mirrors generate coherent field. Righthand or left-hand field depends on the type of the golden ratio spiral, which is...

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