torsion fields

Матрица с пирамиды

Лечение аутизма писанкой и колыбельными

Энергетика хлеба Мария Чумарна

Волновая генетика слова

thermal imaging unit

With help of the thermal imaging unit the influence of embroidery upon human body organs has been researched. When a...

Resonant frequencies of torsion fields.

The Ukrainian embroidery in accordance with pattern corresponds to the Chladni patterns. Chladni figures are created in accordance with the...

video interpretation (Russian- English)

An example of video interpretation (Russian- English) including subtitles creating, edit and publishing (video lectures, presentations etc.) Sphere: physics and...

Welding apparatus for dot welding of the supercapacitors

Quartz crystal for visualization of invisible fields.

Crystals of quartz on different optical axes have different properties. With the purpose of seeing the invisible things, it is...

Torsion fields

Effect of torsion fields upon the properties of liquid crystals 1.1. Preparation of laboratory samples of liquid crystals 1.2.The effect...

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