The whole World consists of the energy of five elements

Qigong practitioners bring these energies into a certain balance.
The imbalance of elements leads to illnesses and failures in events.
A five elements energy generator has been developed and it is called an Avatar. Avatar generator is a lithium niobate pyramid brought into a nonequilibrium state. This state of the Aavatar generator produces a Qi energy. The pyramid is oriented to four parts of the world and to the center of the Earth.
Each face of the pyramid emits Qi energy of different frequencies.
In total there are five faces of the pyramid, each corresponds to the vibrations of one of the five elements.
In Feng Shui, a certain element corresponds to each direction.The Avatar generator applies the technology of macroscopic quantum teleportation, it was developed and tested by Krasnobryzhev.
The introductory video about this technology is published in YouTube channel.

A transmission chip is attached to each face of the pyramid.
Another chip can be carried wherever an energy of the element is needed. With the help of such chips, there is a possibility of making five types of coherent water.
A Qigong master should see what elements are missing in a person’s aura and give him a drink water of the missing element. After that, the energetic system of the meridians will return to normal.
The chip emits a narrow beam of Qi energy. In order to expand it, it is necessary to use a torsion lens called Forpost, which was developed by Anatoly Pavlenko.
An energy sphere with a radius of 2 meters appears then. In the center of this sphere a person is staying; this gives this person the healing Qi energy of the necessary type.
There is a possibility of determining the type of energy is needed for a particular person by the date of birth.
People who practice Qigong can carry such devices in their pockets all the time.
Thus, they protect themselves from the negative influences of the external environment, such as mobile communication towers and other technical emitters of torsion fields. Staying in such an energy shell accelerates the process of harmonizing a human’s energy during meditation and the Qigong practice.
This was checked with the help of various technical devices, for example, using the Kirlian camera.
Profits from the sales of Forpost devices and chips for teleportation of the energy of the five elements will be invested for the building a temple of five elements called Avatar.
The temple will consist of five Nostradamus eggs: one will be placed in the center where there will be a pyramid with lithium niobate. Other four Nostradamus eggs will be placed in accordance with each side of the World. This will create the five elements Qi temple.
Nostradamus eggs will be placed into the Platonic solids, which themselves are primary elements.
Music based on the pentatonics and Chinese music theory which imply the system of the twelve pitchpipes (shier lu) which corresponds to the musical structure of Pythagoras will be played.
Each of the 12 meridians will correspond to its own musical interval.
To expand the sphere of influence of the five elements, it is planned to create temples using virtual electrons of the torsion field. To do this, it is enough to have an Akimov torsion generator and
playback of a sound signal synthesized based on the pentatonic scale of five elements.
The more the generator works, the density of the five elements space around it increases.
After turning off the generator, a phantom remains in the place where the generator was located and structured space of five elements will be in balance. This effect harmonizes space and remove negative factors from it.

The Qìgōng practical masters accumulate the Qi energy inside themselves. This energy is radiated by the torsion generators. This energy cleans the space, makes the human healthier and protects against the negative influences.
The Qi energy brings good luck, good events begin to occur, diseases retreat and bad events go away.
Technical torsion generators can be used with the purpose of intensifying and speeding up the Qigong effect. The Forpost device is one of such kind of generators. It is intended for the carrying in the pocket.
The Forpost device in the pocket will protect the human against negative influences and it will intensify the Qigong effect and meditation.
The Akimov torsion generator . The first cable can be connected to a 12 V AC power supply unit. The second one is designed for the mp3 player connection. Some music can be played by this player, including the Chinese music based on the five elements theory.
Twelve notes of Chinese music correspond to the 12 meridians. When playing the sound of a certain frequency a creation of the torsion field sphere occurs; the density of this sphere increases in due course. The torsion field remains the same for some days or even months after switching off the generator. The generator contains a switch on the left or right torsion field. A friend of mine sees this field in a form of the fog directed from a cone of the generator. When the left field is switched on the cone absorbs the energy of space into itself. I believe that the only way to achieve the desired mode of operation of the generator is the creation of a video camera that shows the torsion field on the monitor screen.
A jar filled with water can be placed on the Forpost device, then, this water becomes medicinal.
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