“AURA” apparatus-software device (AASD)

“AURA” apparatus-software device (AASD) is an innovational technical instrument to measure, analyse and process energy information (EI) properties of a human organism as well as other objects and substances. Such control enables people to increase essentially their vital capacity, the duration of active living, to improve physical and mental health, to achieve harmony and beauty in a natural way.

 “AURA” apparatus-software device (AASD) is an innovational technical instrument to measure, analyse and process energy information (EI) properties of a human organism as well as other objects and substances. Such control enables people to increase essentially their vital capacity, the duration of active living, to improve physical and mental health, to achieve harmony and beauty in a natural way. Far back outstanding scientists N.Bohr and F.Capra noticed the similarity of quantum physics and the ancient orient teaching (Daoism) about the Universe. Today the ancient ideas are being filled with new contents and come into life in modern machines on the basis of quantum information biophysics. A majority of existing technical diagnostic means which are used to form conclusion on organism vitality don’t register and don’t determine EI basis that is system-forming for an organism and is the fundamental principle basis of its information being (in other words – life on the contrary to the entropy being which reflects lifelessness). That EI basis was known long ago as chi, prana, Dao etc. People considered that different run organism systems (chakras, channels, nady, meridians) are bound up with it. But they had no adequate instruments to register, observe, analyse it except of the subjective feelings of some people who had rare capacities. It was impossible to collect statistical experimental date to spread this knowledge widely. Modern researchers could not reveal any physical structures or energy fields, giving the evidence of existence of the mentioned exceptional information phenomena. And it is not surprising because these phenomena are of different kind, of a hierarchical world that is not material one. But the existence of anomalous physical properties of bio tissues located in the places having to do with acupuncture points (for example, electrical conductivity). On physical level informativity shows itself through ordering and the decrease of the chaos of the corresponding physical structures. That is why the increase of informativity leads to the rise of electrical conductivity and other effects. Analogy with electricity is quite appropriate here. Electrical energy is more universal and organized than mechanical one. It’s properties were studied and came into use only during last 200 years. Earlier, the idea of electricity was not present in human consciousness. We cannot imagine our life in the modern world without this universal energy. Similar situation arises today with the concept of vital energy – information structures and flows. Hypotheses are made up concerning the carriers which form the initial sources of existence. They are chronal fields and microleptons. The consciousness of most contemporary people has not adequate mechanisms to regulate its psychophysics, EI balance namely, internal EI balance, because this process occurs out of the consciousness. AASD registers EI structure (EIS) of the human organism through its influence on certain physical phenomena. The device reveals some peculiarities and changes of EIS in substances, objects, human organism, stimulating information process that is followed by quantum-information response. This response is being formed by the device signal. Basically, this process is close to natural generalized information process of cognition of the world by Consciousness. The part of information is extracted from the object and transferred into another state. So, a visual image is created within the device to analyse it. The image implies the quantum-information response and contains the informational essence of the object. Information is not a material phenomenon, it possesses a higher hierarchical status in the real world. The universal concept of info quantity as well as the methods that reveal it with mathematic entropy of an object, system and effect is formulated by the information theory. Evaluation methods of information quantity through its mathematic entropy are universal and do not depend on the sort of an object or effect. This is a common method of comparative evaluation of the order level of all material and non-material phenomena. That is the main achievement of the information theory which enabled revealing the entropy-information process essence. This approach gave a certain mathematic apparatus (base) to a number of sciences that had no information instruments before. Those are biology, sociology, psychology, linguistics and others. By analog, AASD reveals the vital potential of a human being, the regularities of its dynamic under the influence of various nature occurrences and reflects the information on the deep basis, structure and properties of the human being in a handy and understandable way and gives recommendations on conscious informational perfection of these basic organism parts on the basis of the registration of vital energy-information allocation and processing it with the methods of nonlinear mathematics. Such recommendations are based on the earlier established regularities of the change of entropy-information status. Modern technical solutions, advanced scientific approach, thousand-year experience, the knowledge of oriental medicine on the structure of energetic that represents living information of a being included in the AASD, open a qualitatively new level which has not been achieved nowadays with similar measurement means. When people feel misbalance or lack of energy, in their everyday live they interpret it as a discomfort, uneasiness etc. They are not able to help themselves in a conscious way. That is why they try to fill the information energy vacuum or misbalance by the actions accessible to their limited consciousness. For example, it may be abundant and inadequate meal, information, food adds, medicines, alcohol, tobacco, conscious or semiconscious actions that are caused by the information energy misbalance. As a rule, such actions increase and deepen that misbalance, hide it for a certain time, causing stable violations, irregulations in psychic and physical state, shortening one’s life through increasing of the entropy. Concerning all mechanisms of an organism to be unique with its individual peculiarities and qualities as well as complicated and delicate, that is initially based on energy information ground neither modern chemical medicines nor physical effects are able to regulate it without controlling its reaction upon their influence. It can only be legendary Graal or fabulous rejuvenating apples with their fantastic informativity. Without adequate control all of this may lead to energy information misbalance with ruining consequences. Each of purpose means alters EI of a human being, but and in a different way for a certain person. The main assignment of the AASD is to reflect this. Using information and recommendations how to reach this balance a human being renews itself as a child of nature. One can say people get a real EI basis to all psychophysical life. Universality of the basic category, which lies in the base of the device’s work, — of a full value information as a fundamental component of a material object, determines a very wide sector of its applications. The use of the device in a business sector may create new possibilities to satisfy vital necessities of the people. APPLICATION SECTORS AND POTENTIALITY 1.Health recovery and harmonic development of people. Due to analysis of energy balance according to ELEMENTS software that is based on conception about transition phases and energy states accepted in oriental medicine AASD gives recommendations on the elimination of misbalance and possibilities to increase vitality, physical and mental health. That device function is especially actual for children. With AASD control you may gain the balanced physical and mental child development. Let us notice that wrong educational actions lead to the conflict between inside state with its misbalanced energy and social demands only. Even an adult, mentally developed person not always has a sufficient wisdom, strength and will to keep the principle of harmony and the laws of a higher expediency and to understand the nature of inside EI misbalance that is responsible for non-constructive social behavior and defects in physical health. With the help of the AASD there is a perspective to change the relation of society to individuals with socially dangerous behavior. Nowadays, it’s known that the penitentiary system has no effective technology to contribute to the transformation of a criminal personality into a useful (adequate) member of society. A person with balanced energy is able to live and work in full measure. Such a person is ingenuous, joyful, without depressions, psychoses, illnesses. All his EI levels are balanced and full of sense. People who have felt that state and remember it will never want to use any substitutes that replace the EI state of cheer natural being with an artificial stimulation and euphoria which are followed by abstinence (alcohol, drugs, hard rock etc). So, it is possible to use this technology to renew and maintain positive changes in it without ruinous behavior personalities and that may be interpreted as a specific social treatment. 2.Medicine A new stage of apparatus diagnostics is achieved to enable more effective principle of curing an organism before its illness show itself at physic level. The instrument is given for EI analyzing. The instrument works at the level which differs from traditional medical devices that analyse physical, chemical and electromagnetic properties of an organism. These properties by themselves are the material components of a living being only and the products of its information existence. AASD makes it possible to hold the entropy-information analysis of the whole organism and organs, systems as well. EI organism state, interacting with its environment, its initial in respect to its physicochemical and electromagnetic properties. So, such analysis gives a possibility of the preliminary prognosis of organism development and the detection of its illness through measuring the informativity of organs and systems and processing the changes dynamics before the negative changes show themselves at physical level. In addition to this, AASD gives light simulative effect to all organs and systems. It is possible to reveal the EI source that causes recovery or illness. The device gives the possibility to determine the index of health, stress, inter influence, early illness, effectiveness of traditional and nontraditional medicines, methods and means for revealing the damaged EI balance of certain man (on the contrary to the today methods of subjective average statistic evaluations), to predict possible allergic reactions to medicines, to forecast the process of pregnancy, to test energy therapeutics and other healers concerning their positive potential. 3.Customs and guard services AASD may be used for revealing the persons who go across the borderline with illegal intentions. It can be done with express diagnostic that detects the increased level of anxiety or a modified state provoked by used medicines, drugs. 4.Mental and physical training. Sports. • Revealing genetic gifts for physic and mental load • Monitoring EI balance and recovery to develop more effective training methods • Forecasting competition readiness • Pedagogies. 5.Pedagogies • Revealing talent potential • Controlling effectiveness of teaching methods through checking the growth of pupil integral energy potential and its structure, but not the subjective evaluation of this growth with limited and inadequate tests • Detecting the influence a certain teacher onto a certain pupil 6.Customer’s examination Detecting the bio value of food, genetic modified as well, EI (bio) quality of water and drinks, cosmetics etc. 7.Ecology • Finding geopathological and good areas, biophysical influence of nature and man-caused factors on people and environment • Ecology examination of water environment through testing bioenergetics 8. Personal management Professional testing, forming and optimizing working groups 9. Insurance Express testing health for insurance tasks 10. Agriculture • Checking the quality of sowing cultures • Increasing effectiveness of selection on the base of more knowledge about selected objects • Objective express monitoring of the development of cultivation plants and live-stock, early diagnostics of its illnesses 11. Criminalistics Defining a violent death when it could be imitated as a natural one. 12. Marriage (conjugal) agencies Testing positive EI inter influence of potential husbands and wives 13. Science • Developing some normalizators of EI potentials of objects where there is no convincing results of the influence of various EI factors on people • Research of new EI interactions in nature Other AASD application sectors will be found as a result of a deepened research of its technical properties and market demands.

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