polarized telescope

I raise money for the polarized telescope purchasing to make photo images of planets and stars in polarized light. For more information please use the following email address [email protected]

I raise money for experiments to make photo images of torsion fields in polarized light and to create water structuring equipment. Money can be sent via the PayPal system. A sound matrix with the photo can be received as a gift. The PayPal data for sending money will be personally informed via correspondence. Later photo images of created equipment and experiment results will be sent personally, too.

The polarization camera provides an opportunity to conduct investigations and studies in the following spheres of science: polarization of the sky in anomalous zones, the polarization of the Moon, planets and stars,
phase inhomogeneities in crystals and water, visualization of the electric field around the crystals and the magnetrons, the scalar fields test photography etc.

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