program production complex (PCU) called «AURA»

Measurement instrumentation for informational investigations contains properties that exceed all nowadays world analogues was constructed. Many experiments were carried out. We have a wonderful measuring device: program production complex (PCU) called «AURA». It was created with the purpose of exploring the informational processes occurring in nature, of visualizing the informational communication of the research subject with the matter of the Universe. Our system uses a well-known Kirlian effect, but our complex possessed a higher quality as compared with present world analogues. For example, well-known devices of this type fix the quantitative parameters of the glow in two-dimensional measurement. We transform the measurement results into (minimum) three-dimensional qualitative (the light coordinate and others are added). This allows a higher quality of the matter state determination. For example, the glow of the fingertips of an elderly, sick person, oddly enough, has greater intensity and uniformity than that of a young healthy person. The well-known this type of equipment gives the result that energy-information processes are more active of the elderly or sick person, that is clearly absurd; the manufacturers of this equipment does not explain this fact. Our equipment fixes and shows the difference. In addition, information technogenic effects of the measurement process, which has a negative impact on the surrounding living biological matter, has been eliminated.
Each matter has its own information field (Aura) and it determines the state, the quality of matter. Through the general information field, matter interacts with each other with its Auras. Therefore, in the world, everything has an informational effect on everything. As a result, the Aura of the matter is constantly oscillating, vibrating, changing under the influence of changes in the Auras of all the matter of the Universe. The sphere of our interests is natural global information technologies and processes. Or otherwise — Information laws and phenomena of Nature.

The processes of visualization of the global information connections of the objects’ matter occur thanks to the equipment based on the Kirlian effect. The technique is associated with the formation of a gas glow (quantum informational response) when microleptons are accelerated over the surface of a dielectric in an electromagnetic field under the influence of a device signal (high-frequency field).
This luminescence is formed due to its free internal energy and informational content, connections of matter. The signal of the apparatus is visualized by informational structures that perform communication functions (like synapses and axons in the brain structures of living beings), this makes a connection of this object with global information integrity. The energy information state of a person is estimated by a quantum-information response from the tips of the fingers containing the most significant information component about the state of a person. This fact proves that this area of ??the human body is closely connected with the most informationally significant area of ??the brain responsible for vision. It is known that the eye is not just an organ of feeling. Under certain conditions, it is possible to register through the eye a faint glow of the visual images that form in the brain: dreams, hallucinations, etc. Therefore, there is a possibility of making the assumption that the fingertips, like the eye, not only register objects of the surrounding world with the help of touch, but also carry energy and information from the visual area of ??the brain, which manifests itself as a signal of the device in the form of glow images.

The photographs present samples of quantum-information finger responses of two very different people. One is young and healthy, the second is elderly and sick. Try to guess which image belongs to whom? Below the original photo of the image of the fingertips glow, the transformation of the brightness distribution of the image into a colour “thermogram” is shown, as it has to be done using similar equipment.
And now check your intuition: young and healthy (B, D), elderly and sick (A, C). Photos F, H, E, G demonstrate the new quality presented by our equipment that allows easy identification features of the energy-informational component of the subjects. At the same time, a more powerful, active energy of a young and healthy body (F, H) gives a picture with a predominance of green and blue colours, and the elderly and sick body (E, G) gives a picture with a predominance of red and yellow.
There is a physical hypothesis that there is a large class of microparticles, called chronons,  the mass of which is sometimes billions of times smaller than the mass of an electron. Such particles were called microleptons. The ranges of speed of their movement are from a few meters per second to a speed exceeding several times the speed of light. It is believed that these particles carry complete information about the object that emanates them. Moreover, their “energetic” is much higher than that of known elementary particles.
Any process that takes place in both living and non-living nature is accompanied by the emission of microleptons. The Earth is surrounded by a chronosphere, which is continuously replenished from space and is the main source of the chronal (information) field. One of the features of the manifestation of this field is its generation when the object moves, rotates and vibrates. This effect is used when creating so-called generators of torsion, chronal and microlepton radiation. It is believed that thought processes, fluid flow, combustion, evaporation, melting, condensate fallow is also accompanied by the manifestation of specific radiations of the chronal (information) field.
The human itself is the source of the chronal (informational) field, the meridians of the body are the chronal (informational) channels, and the biologically active points are the emitters of the chronal (informational) field. It is believed that the main source of chronal radiation is energy information centres — the chakras. Each organ has a strictly defined chronal specificity and has a decisive influence on the regulatory processes of the body. This chronic radiation is also called AURA. Thus, the images of luminescence obtained by the “AURA” equipment due to the acceleration of microleptons along the surface of the dielectric are precisely related to the visualization of the chronal (information) radiation of the object (AURA), its measurements and analysis. Aura is able to change colour, density and shape. It is determined that every experience or state has its own Aura. The structure of a microlepton body can be affected both by the state of the internal organs, mental activity and external electromagnetic fields, too. Each weakening of vital functions, negative emotions cause contraction of the pranic body while strengthening of abilities, positive emotions expand and activate it. In fact, it is influenced by the whole life, and pranic functions, in turn, affect our abilities and attitude to life.
When registering a quantum-information response using the “AURA” complex, the opposite information-energetic properties and features of the object, the so-called active (axon structures) free component (Yang) and the linked passive (synapse structures) component (Yin) are exposed. These structures carry the display of higher hierarchical information and energy structures associated with the object than the one that directly forms it. For example, the physiological level serves and reflects the mental (informational) metabolism. Therefore, in addition to the psychophysical state with the help of this method, the analysis of the higher informational mechanisms of a person, (such as the chakras) is possible
There is a hypothesis that one of the main detectors of Information in the body is linked water, which under the influence of spatial information carrier complexes rebuilds its structure, which ultimately changes the properties of the molecules of a chemical substance surrounded by a water “shirt” and leads to a chain of significant biochemical reactions.
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