Sound therapy for the aura

DNA has got a sound nature and it is connected with the human aura and influences its’ state.
Each codon of DNA has a corresponding set of sound frequencies, and when listening to any sounds the reconfiguration of the human aura takes place. The direction of the reconfiguration depends on the sound program.
There are various methods based on putting the program into the loop; they bring about rejuvenation, but in the same time there is a risk of failure of the event program with unpredictable consequences. Therefore, when choosing the music, it is necessary to listen to the sounds in the golden ration proportions, then the sound functions as a tuning fork and tunes the human to be in resonance with the Universe. As a consequence of this, his/her health and field of events is being harmonized. Such a sound is called the sacral sound. There are also other types of sounds, which do not contain the golden ratio proportions; these sounds are similar to the various noises, which irritate the ear. Such a sound may bring imbalance into the functioning of the human ethereal body. There is a science called cymatics. It is a method of converting the sound into geometry. Thus, the sacral sound and sacral geometry may serve as a harmonizer of space and increase the aura vibrations up to the 4th event space.

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