Depending on the condition of a person’s aura, that person may find himself/herself in different types of event spaces. These event spaces are named as follows:

— 1. space of the suffering, where a person has permanent problems in various areas and he/she is not doing anything.
— 2. space of the struggle, where he/she starts doing something, but the negativity still prevails.
— 3. the space of adventures, in which the unexpected events occur with auspicious outcomes, but the person is not in control of them and he/she is being tossed like a sliver in the running river.
— 4. the space of will power; in this space a person can control the events which are not in variance with the divine will

These spaces are connected with the 4 elements, chakras and the musical notes.
A note indicates a frequency at which the aura of a person vibrates.
Through increasing the vibration frequency, it is possible to move to the different levels of the spaces.
There is also the 5th space and the more sublime ones. When these are reached, the siddhi powers are opened up for a person.
In order to change the vibration frequency of the aura, it is possible to use various methods, such as the “living word”.
Those interested are offered a possibility to verify upon themselves the method of increasing their aura frequency with the help of the IVA device.

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