A special attachment has been developed for the LGN-303

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A special attachment has been developed for the LGN-303 laser, which consists of the prism, a quarter wave plate and the polarizer. It allows turning a linear polarization into a circular or elliptic polarization (right- or left-handed). The prism splits the laser beam, which contains two orthogonally polarized modes in space based on two constituents. The polarizer allows choosing the clockwise, counter-clockwise, or simultaneously clockwise and counter-clockwise circular polarizations. The quarter wave plate turns a linear polarization into a circular one. The clockwise or counter-clockwise direction depends on the degree to which the phase plate is rotated relative to the linearly polarized beam. A peculiarity of the LGN-303 laser is the fact that it features the geometrical presence of two types of polarization within one beam. Thus, a beam producing a zero point in the space is obtained, which allows erasing the information from various crystals and substances, as well as imposing new energy programs. According to Dr. Akimov’s torsion field theory, a beam with circular polarization is a torsion generator. Thus, by changing the optical polarization, we can modulate the torsion signal. It is possible to create a modification, in which there will be a Kerr cell, or Faraday cell. This would allow modulating the right-hand and left-hand torsion field with the speed of up to several gigahertz. Such a torsion generator can be used for a system of quantum communication, which had been developed by Dr. Krasnobryzhev.
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