Basics of functioning of the IVA device

The scientific group “Ocean of Creation” directed by Viktor Vergun had developed several types of IVA devices for different purposes. The first device is called IVA 1 (“the Hologram”). While working with the device, human energy fields are being equalized. If there is a surplus of energy, it starts shrinking to the norm. In the case of lack of energy, it rises up to the norm. This type of device works towards human’s adaptation in the social environment.

The permanent use of this device invokes the events which change the person’s character and brings his/her relationships with other persons into harmony. After the character of a person has been changed, the reasons which bring about the rise of diseases disappear, and a constant harmonization of health is taking place. The schedule of device’s application and the length of its’ use are individual. More specific information is given to the person after the purchasing of the device.

After the point of harmonization of relationships with the social environment has been reached, one should stop using the device and apply it only in the case of necessity. The arrival at the mentioned point can be ascertained based on such events as the settlement of the old conflicts, new useful acquaintanceships and positive events. One of the variants of using the IVA device may be its’ application in certain time frames, when the meridians of the sore organs are active, in order to balance the five elements in the organism and in life.

Each organ is connected with specific energies and events and by using this kind of method it is possible to calculate the time of application and attract the events related to the necessary topic.

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