Sacred geometry of embroidery and Pysanka (painted Easter eggs).

An international conference is being planned.
Sacred geometry of embroidery and Pysanka (painted Easter eggs).
During the conference we’ll look at the influence of torsion field of
embroidery and Pysankas upon a human and his/her space.
Anyone interested may add themselves to the conference chat: Embroidery codes.
Working languages of the conference: Russian and Spanish.

News about the conference will be published in the Telegram chat.
In order to join the chat one needs to be registered in Telegram and provide one’s telephone number for adding to the “embroidery codes” chat.
Sections are being planned:

  • Sacred geometry of embroidery and Pysankas (painted Easter eggs).
  • Practical use of Pysankas for harmonization of health and events.
  • Torsion Fields.
  • Wave Genetics and embroidery.
  • Optical crystals and acoustics in embroidery and Pysankas.
  • Sound and ether fields.
  • Cosmic ecology.
  • Pedagogics and energy work.
  • Converting embroidery into sound.
  • Astrology and embroidery.
  • Golden Ratio

In Akimov’s generator, there is a cone installed, which creates a cone-shaped field out of a parallel beam of torsion field. Interference of torsion field emerges in this process, which creates patterns similar to embroidery and Indian yantras.
Each embroidery is a certain set of sounds and resonance frequencies, through which Akimov’s torsion generator is modulated.

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