coherent sound which is made at a favourable astrological time

A coherent sound which is made at a favourable astrological time contains the energy of good luck. During the listening of it, you attract the horoscope of birth and good luck appears.
Load this coherent sound as a ringtone of your mobile and observe how the events change. Inform about the results of the sound using in comments

On the basis of astrological calculations, the time of the horoscope was calculated in which there is an event management formula.

At this time, a sound file was created using a laser equipment for wave genetics.

During the listening of this file, you attract the horoscope to yourself and you have the ability to manage events.

Purchasing of anything at the right time, a new horoscope appears in this thing and it attracts events that were in the horoscope during its purchase.

For the experiment, a sound file has to be loaded into a mobile telephone installed as a phone call.

It is desirable to playback loudly in the street and to share this sound among your friends.

It is more probable to meet the right people on the street who will help in the implementation of events.

If you stay at home then the probability of realizing the events will be much lower. 

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