Coherent sound

A coherent sound is created using laser radiation converted into sound vibrations. Lasers are sources of the coherent state of photons that oscillate with one frequency and phase. The transformation of light into sound leads to a coherent state of sound. When it is emitted, the space around the radiator acquires a coherent state. Coherent radiation can be modulated by various substances and photographs, coming into touch with them. The laser beam copies the state of the object being scanned. The space brought into a coherent state is an abnormal zone — a place of power where thoughts are materialized. It can be with the right or left spin. Thus, by bringing space through coherent sound to an anomalous state, it is possible to create places of power that attract the necessary energies and events. The sound installed in the mobile phone spreads through radio waves to the base station of mobile communication and makes the entire coverage area a force area. The installation of the coherent ringtone in your mobile telephone transforms the space around you into a coherent state.

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