Coherent water from Kozyrev mirrors

Kozyrev mirrors generate coherent field. Righthand or left-hand field depends on the type of the golden ratio spiral, which is being used in the mirror.
The mirror is produced from aluminum, which is quantumly untangled from the other parts that it had been cut off from.
The chips are the pieces of aluminum cut off from the Kozyrev mirror. They are glued to the bottle of water. This procedure quantumly entangles the water with Kozyrev mirror and the water in bottle becomes coherent.
Thus, it is possible to produce two quantumly entangled Kozyrev mirrors, between which there would exist a portal, and it would allow to conduct research of information transfer in Kozyrev space.
Such chips can be placed into the fuel tank of an automobile and the fuel consumption will decrease.
Embroidery and Pysankas (painted Easter eggs) are the spin modulators
of Kozyrev Mirrors. They are the keys for spin portals, which open the

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