Crystal Technologies of Atlantes and Lemuria

currently growing the following single crystals using the Chokhralski

  • single crystals of lithium niobate (diameter: 80-100 mm, height: 100-120 mm);
  • single crystals of lithium tantalate (diameter: 40-60 mm, height 40-60 mm);
  • single crystals of calcium tungstate (diameter: 60 mm, height 100-120 mm);
  • gadolinium-halide garnet (diameter: 75-100mm, height up to 200 mm);
  • lead tungstate (diameter: 85 mm, height up to 200 mm).
    The growing of other oxide monocrystals with the melting point below
    1900 Celsius degrees is available.
    The Company grows the epitaxial dielectric and magnetic films, too.
    Our partners from other companies grow the single crystals of sapphire
    by the method of Kyropoulos, and also TeO2 single crystals
    We are ready to give more detailed information in case you are
    interested in a particular type of product.
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