Goals of the seminar “Transformation of Reality”

Our reality has a holographic nature, consisting of multiple dimensions. Dark entities had penetrated into our dimension and reprogrammed the human DNA. As a result of this, the focus of attention had been shifted from the heart chakra to the emotional chakra.
As a consequence, the dark entities had gained control over humans and they send us negative events continually, in order to feed upon the low vibrational energy emanating from the humans in stress conditions.
With the help of the hupomagnetic chamber the regeneration of organism’s energy takes place, the DNA is being purified from the malicious programs and the focus of attention is being shifted back to the heart chakra. That restores the abilities wielded by our ancestors to any human.
We should warn those who wish to practice this method, that in the beginning of the path there may be exacerbations both in the health and in the events. This is connected with removing of the negative programs embedded into our DNA, which had been implanted long time back by the dark entities and were transferred from generation to generation through Genus.
After removing of the outside programs we provide information about human’s individual digital matrix, which serves as a password to access the Bio-Internet and we tell about the methods of working with it.

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