IVA devices

The owners of the IVA devices are suggested to carry out the following testing and to inform us about the results:- the change in the smell of perfumes, scents, eau-de-Cologne, aromatic oils, cigarettes, tobacco, incense sticks and various products;
— the change in the taste of the tangerines, apples, vine, alcoholic beverages and other products;
— the change of the sound of a musical instrument and of the voice of a singer;
— the quantity of the fuel consumed from the car fuel tank, while the device is attached to the tank;
— the change of the noise level of the consumer devices equipped with fans;
— the way one feels after having a conversation via telephone, to which an IVA device is attached;
— unusual events or the change of health state.  The Sacral Geometry is built on the basis of proportions of the golden ratio, which activate the invisible energies of reality, as a consequence of which the places of power are created. In these places the speed of human thoughts’ materialization is increased. Any pattern within the proportions of the golden ratio is the mobile (transferable) place of power. One of the important variants of such patterns is the IVA harmonizers developed by Viktor Vergun. It was also possible to amplify the materialization of thoughts through the simultaneous meditation of a large group of persons, focused on a certain topic. This has been proven multiple times through various experiments and was registered with the random number generators, the network of which generators was dispersed throughout the whole world and connected to the Internet. Anybody interested is invited to participate in the verification of this information based on the example of an intention, which consists in creating a field of events, which would bring about the continuation of production for the Star Gate series and movie    Dr Vergun is a full professor in Informational Medicine from the International Academy of Information, Communication, Control in Engineering, Nature, Society (ICCIA), Russia. He is also —    a Graduate from the Medical Institute of Ukrainian Association of Folk Medicine (Ukraine)
—    a qualified hypno-therapeutist from the International Association of Traditional Medicine (UNESCO) 
Dr Vergun has worked in Europe as a curator to a network of private clinics. Goals of the seminar “Transformation of Reality”. Our reality has a holographic nature, consisting of multiple dimensions. Dark entities had penetrated into our dimension and reprogrammed the human DNA. As a result of this, the focus of attention had been shifted from the heart chakra to the emotional chakra. As a consequence, the dark entities had gained control over humans and they send us negative events continually, in order to feed upon the low vibrational energy emanating from the humans in stress conditions. The scientific group “Ocean of Creation” directed by Viktor Vergun has succeeded in creating the IVA device and the method of its’ application, which had been published in the book titled “Bread on the palm”. With the help of the above device and method the regeneration of organism’s energy takes place, the DNA is being purified from the malicious programs and the focus of attention is being shifted back to the heart chakra. That restores the abilities wielded by our ancestors to any human. We should warn those who wish to practice this method, that in the beginning of the path there may be exacerbations both in the health and in the events. This is connected with removing of the negative programs embedded into our DNA, which had been implanted long time back by the dark entities and were transferred from generation to generation through Genus. After removing of the outside programs we provide information about human’s individual digital matrix, which serves as a password to access the Bio-Internet and we tell about the methods of working with it. The scientific group “Ocean of Creation” directed by Viktor Vergun had developed several types of IVA devices for different purposes. The first device is called IVA 1 (“the Hologram”). While working with the device, human energy fields are being equalized. If there is a surplus of energy, it starts shrinking to the norm. In the case of lack of energy, it rises up to the norm. This type of device works towards human’s adaptation in the social environment. The permanent use of this device invokes the events which change the person’s character and brings his/her relationships with other persons into harmony. After the character of a person has been changed, the reasons which bring about the rise of diseases disappear, and a constant harmonization of health is taking place. The schedule of device’s application and the length of its’ use are individual. More specific information is given to the person after the purchasing of the device. After the point of harmonization of relationships with the social environment has been reached, one should stop using the device and apply it only in the case of necessity. The arrival at the mentioned point can be ascertained based on such events as the settlement of the old conflicts, new useful acquaintanceships and positive events. One of the variants of using the IVA device may be its’ application in certain time frames, when the meridians of the sore organs are active, in order to balance the five elements in the organism and in life. Each organ is connected with specific energies and events and by using this kind of method it is possible to calculate the time of application and attract the events related to the necessary topic.
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