IVA Universal

The IVA Harmonizers are actuated with the help of Akimov generators which are modulated by the Gariaev matrixes made using the photography in youth.Any harmonizer begins to operate at the total power only after it is actuation by another torsion generator   IVA UniversalDesign description
The IVA device is a product of the newest technologies of universal purpose. It consists of the flexible or rigid rectangular plate on one side of which special energy-informational frequency set of living matter is coated. The principle of resonance of gravity (informational) and electromagnetic waves is used in this device.The IVA Universal is used for:- decontamination of hard radiation of the surrounding space;- the elimination of the harmful effects on human reproducible by mobile telephones, computers, TV sets and other anthropogenic devices (cars, trains, ships, air crafts, electrical appliances, power transmission lines, working areas, underground etc.)The IVA Universal ensures the processes of interaction of any complex systems. It differs fundamentally from other devices due to its open self-organizing, self-regulating, self-adjusting construction, i.e. the device is not a generator.Working with the organism, it determines which energy channels, organs, and functions must be restored firstly. Thereby the physical regeneration of organs, channels and even micro vessels occurs naturally. The synchronization of the interaction of all the details among themselves occurs in the technical devices. Special studies have shown that as a result of the elimination of anthropogenic radiation, any systems (including biological ones) begin to function in an optimal mode corresponding to natural processes.

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