The Beridze-Stakhovsky-Cerpan generator

The Beridze-Stakhovsky-Cerpan generator can be used for the irradiation of water and plant seeds. In the latter case, the growing of seeds becomes more active and the plants grow bigger.
I am looking for sponsors for investigations concerning the study of Cerpan generator’s influence upon water properties and plant seeds growing. When you purchase the Forpost device you help to collect money for the research of the Cerpan generator potential and its possibilities.

Quantum teleportation of the Cerpan radiation using a photo film.
The Cerpan generator influences the state of the energy of humans, plants, water, and crystals thanks to its torsion field.
A photo image that contains the Cerpan generator made through a photo film is possible for remote use. In this case, it will operate as a remote translational chip for Cerpan energy.
According to the theory of quantum teleportation, the coherent state of the generator field is teleported via a photo image from a photographic film on which a Cerpan is photographed.
This photo can be attached to a jar of water or a crystal; then the water or crystal will become coherent. This water can be used for drinking or watering plants.

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