The coherent field generators design

The coherent field generators design.
There are 5 types of the coherent field generators which are made of non-magnetic material in the form of 5 platonic bodies on each vertex of which there is a magnet with the poles directed to the centre of the polyhedron. The size of the polyhedron is calculated in accordance with the magnets power. It is selected so that 2 magnets from opposite tops create a magnetic hole in the center of the figure. Any substance that is placed in the centre of the figure will become coherent.
Placing the aluminium chip in the centre of the figure gives the transfer of the coherent state to another chip caused by quantum entanglement between them. There are 5 types of coherent states that correspond to the configurations of the fields created by the platonic bodies. These states correspond to the properties of 5 elements of Plato.
Magnets can be directed to the centre of the figure with different poles. Depending on the polarity of the magnets, the field can be with the right or left spin.
There are, therefore, there are 10 types of coherent fields. They can be captured using a video camera or interferometer that shows polarization and light phase.

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