The hardware program complex scanner «Modulated Broadband Electromagnetic Radiation» (MBER)

The hardware program complex scanner «Modulated Broadband Electromagnetic Radiation» (MBER) consists of a laser, which is designed specifically to produce Gariaev’s sound matrices. The laser was developed by Georgy Tertishny, physicist, who worked with Gariaev.

In comparison with the LGN303 laser, it does not have a number of deficiencies. In particular, it is not necessary to wait an hour until the device reaches stabilization mode. There is no distortion of the signal from the photodiodes which are made by the frequency stabilization board.

The absence of the radio receiver that eliminates the difficult selection of the frequency at which the laser signal emits a signal.

The device is equipped with software that allows you to scan the signal from photodiodes in real time and view its Fourier spectrum in a wide frequency range and record the signal into a file of various formatsю

The operating principle of the apparatus is based on the laser polarization hops.

They are sensitive to quantum information when scanning for various objects such as herbs, medicines, crystals.

A set of the hardware-software complex consists of:

1 — specialized laser for matrices

2 — adjustment table

3 — laser stand

4 — stand for adjustment table

5 — software for the computer recording of matrixes

6 — video tutorial how to make the matrixes 

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