Torsion fields

  1. Effect of torsion fields upon the properties of liquid crystals
    1.1. Preparation of laboratory samples of liquid crystals
    1.2.The effect of torsion fields upon the parameters of phase transitions
    1.3. Changing the reflection of films based on liquid crystals under the action of torsion fields
  2. The effect of torsion fields upon the crystallization of organic compounds and the properties of such films
  3. Effect of torsion fields on the properties of heterostructures based on organic and inorganic semiconductors
    3.1. The basis of the choice of model heterostructures
    3.2. The technologies of cadmium sulfoselenide and lead phthalocyanine heterostructures manufacturing
    3.3. Photovoltaic properties of CSC / RVRS heterostructures and the influence of torsion fields upon these structures
  4. Electronic torsion field detectors
    4.1. Classification of torsion field detectors
    4.2. Types of electronic detectors
    4.3. Electronic detector designs
    4.4. Characteristics of well-known electronic detectors
    4.5. Effect of torsion fields upon the properties of barrier structures based on inorganic semiconductors
    4.6. Influence of operation mode and parameters of microcircuits to the sensitivity of torsion fields
  5. Main results and conclusions
  6. Suggestions concerning the directions for further research.
  7. References
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