Using Gariaev matrices as a mobile telephone ringtones

Using a photo of a person who is fixed in good mood during some pleasant events a spinor matrix is made by the Gariaev method. Using a special algorithm this matrix is transformed into a melody which is installed then as a mobile telephone ringtone.Thus, every time when someone does a telephone call, the matrix playback starts and the sound reproduced from the mobile phone generates the vibrations in the surrounding space which are attracted from the events and the state of the person which is fixed during the photographing in the past.In this way, it is real to create a set of photos and melodies from these photos that attract the necessary events.The moment of these tunes playback is also important: the best is synchronizing it with the beginning of another event.One way to start another event is to start a phone conversation. This is the point of bifurcation in the temporal matrix of events that can be influenced by the spinor spectrum or the photo melody.

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