We investigate the following themes

We investigate the following themes:- torsion fields- wave genetics investigations- the influence of harmonizers on events- developing a video camera that can see torsion fields- the creation of a communication system based on the principles of macroscopic teleportation and entangled states- transformation sound to the image using lithium niobate crystals- forecasting of solar activity- development of torsion field sensorsIf you are interested in these topics, you can finance them by speeding up their implementation The quantum sound matrix made by the method of Gariaev consists of several files:1 — an audio spinor file where the sound frequency is modulated by the jumps of the polarization of the laser beam reflected from the photograph2 — transformation a spinor sound file into a melody3 — transformation into video and audio sequences4 — designing of a graphical matrix which, after printing, can be used to charge water and as a harmonizer 

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