Coherent water can be spin-polarized by the information

Coherent water can be spin-polarized by the information from various substances. To do this, the spin filters based on analogue photographs are used. The spin filters of various planets and stars were created using a telescope of an observatory. Thus, a set of different types of coherent water with planetary energies was created. This allows correcting the energy of the horoscope. The astrologer figures your horoscope and finds the weak planets in it; with the purpose to compensate them he assigns coherent water with the spin filter of the necessary planet. An analysis is possible for any period of time using various forecasting techniques.  If the forecast shows the unfavourable influence of the transiting planet, it can be neutralized with the help of the necessary water. A technique for creating talismans for the necessary formulas for events was developed in accordance with Shestopalov method. It is based on calculating the time when in the natal map there will be the necessary formulas of events and buying a thing at this time. Buying a thing, you launch the horoscope at the right time and it attracts the right events. Similarly, at the right time, it is possible to create coherent water using a chip. Consuming such water, you bring in your body energy that will lead to the realization of the necessary events.

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