Coherent chips are able to radiate right and left fields. These types of chips can be used in acupuncture instead of needles. The effect of the chips can be checked with a thermal imager. 


Complementarity is a mutual correspondence between the left-polarized water structure and left-swirling structure of the amino acids of the organism. Coherence is a state in which water molecules oscillate at the same frequency and in the same phase.

Coherence is also complementary to a living organism since it lives only because it is coherent.

Coherent state of water is achieved remotely, using a special technology that account the world’s achievements in quantum physicsMethod Of Usage

1. Attach a chip with the help of paper scotch to the bottom of a glass or a ceramic cup and immediately pour 250 ml of water.

2. In the evening, without letting the glass out of your hand, slowly, in small sips, drink water for 5 minutes. This procedure causes the transition of the water of the human body to a coherent state. Later, within 12 hours, the reverse decoherence process occurs. During decoherence, the synchronization is fixed. 

Coherent water:

•         does not cause aberrations (breakdowns) of chromosomes, is not toxic,

•         has the properties of protective and therapeutic action against viral infections,

·         reliably inhibits the reproduction of viruses,

·         has an expressed interferonogenic activity,

·         inhibits the reproduction of AIDS, resulting in an increase in the number of CD4 + lymphocytes in the blood of patients. For the first 10 days, the manifestations of opportunistic diseases killing AIDS patients begin to disappear, urine is brightened, sleep improves, and  weight increases in the future.           

It should also expect a positive effect in the case of hepatoinfections of all types, cancer of the viral nature, influenza.

                In the preventive plan (for example, adjustment of immunity, allergic manifestations etc.), coherent water should be used for 10 days with a 5-day break.

Victor Krasnobryzhev

Strictly speaking, ideology is not only in the chip. It is the final element of the left-polarization coherization system. While developing the idea of the creation resource of macroscopic quantum nonlocality, a System of Teleportation of Spin States was constructed. This system allows for the production of a continuously supported coherent state in a remote macroscopic object [10]. Moreover, the attainment of the coherence is represented as the limiting spin saturation of the remote object, which corresponds to its characteristic frequency and is attained due to the resonance exchange by energy between the spin and nuclear systems.In Fig., we give the scheme of the System of the Teleportation of Spin States (below, we will write the System). The System includes:1. A Generator of Spin States (GSS), which is a unit on the basis of a single crystal with a preferred orientation of nuclear spins.  2. A Resonator, which ensures the spin saturation and the long-term conservation of spin coherence.3. A Chip-translator and a chip-inducer, which form a macroscopic singlet couple. 4. A Remote object of teleportation action.

Action principle of the System:1. In the resonator, one places a material analogous to the material of the object of action. For example, if the object of action is water, coal, or steel, one places water, coal, or steel respectively in the resonator. 2. A chip-inducer is fixed on the object of action. A chip-translator is constantly present in the resonator. When the GSS is switched on, spin saturation of the material medium in the resonator happens. The limiting level of saturation corresponds to the spin coherent state of the material medium. Simultaneously spin saturation in the “chip-translator – chip-inducer – object of action” chain occurs. This results in the coupling of the resonator and the object of action, so that the remote object transits in the coherent state. After this procedure, the remote object can be subjected to a target application. 
Best regard,V. Krasnobryzhev

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