интерференционная картина волновой генетики

Goals of the seminar “Transformation of Reality”

Our reality has a holographic nature, consisting of multiple dimensions. Dark entities had penetrated into our dimension and reprogrammed the...

Kimatika ADARIS

Coherent water from Kozyrev mirrors

Kozyrev mirrors generate coherent field. Righthand or left-hand field depends on the type of the golden ratio spiral, which is...

Когерентная вода с зеркал Козырева

Зеркала Козырева являются генераторами когерентного поля. Правое или левое поле зависят от вида спирали золотого сечения которая используется в зеркале....

Арт терапия в зеркалах Козырева


Предсказательная астрология практические занятия


23.1.2020 17 00 Лекция Золотое сечение. Олег Боднар


The wave genetics of Ukrainian embroidery.

Tertishny and Gariaev developed a device for readout torsion fields from various substances and photographs of a person, their transformation...

Who has friends at geology institutes in different countries?

Who has friends at geology institutes in different countries? Please use this email for correspondence: [email protected]

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