The wave genetics of Ukrainian embroidery.

Tertishny and Gariaev developed a device for readout torsion fields from various substances and photographs of a person, their transformation into sound spin matrices.
They did this using a laser and a Fabry-Perot interferometer.
A laser Fabry-Perot interferometer readouts information and transforms it into an optical Denisyuk hologram. This hologram shows the interference of vertical and horizontal polarizations of coherent laser radiation. Then the optical image is transformed into sound.
The interference picture of sound and light is formed by patterns that correspond to various Ukrainian embroideries. These patterns are spin torsion modulators of the reality hologram.
The universe has a holographic nature and is based on interference. There is a possibility of influence upon reality using optical and acoustic spin matrices.
The necessary sets of frequencies that attract the desired events are indicated in these matrices. The multiplication table modulo ‘x’ is an interference pattern of a hologram of the Universe.
Different values of ‘x’ show the matrix of reality in different dimensions.
Numbers 12 and 9 are the main interference illustration of our measurement.
With their help, there is a possibility of reality control.
Painting out the numbers in the interference table, we get patterns that the ancients gave us as Ukrainian embroideries for the control over reality.
Wearing your own spin modulator based on the date of birth and horoscope you attract good events for your reality.
Formulas of events in astrology also create spin modulators of reality that affect the hologram of the Universe and attract the necessary events.
Examples of some spin interference modulators are shown below in this publication.
Thus, Ukrainian embroideries are spin reality modulators. More detailed information about their meaning and application is contained in the books of Maria Chumarna and is taught at her seminars about wave genetics of embroidery.
A sum of $ 2000 is required for the book publication. Nowadays I am selling books ($100 per two books) published in the Ukrainian language. After selling of 20 sets the book will be published in English. Also, you can buy the Akimov generator and/or the Gariaev matrices radiator. The received money will be invested in the English edition of the book.

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