Principle of functioning of Dr. Gariaev’s method.

He-Ne corpuscular laser 632nm stabilized, of continuous functioning mode, functioning based on two orthogonally polarized single frequency components of the radiation. Intended for use as a source of coherent radiation in interferometry, optical detection, fiber optic communications and technical devices.

Power supply included.

This particular laser model is used for wave genetics experiments conducted by Dr. Peter Gariaev with the help of quantum scanner. 

The LGN303 laser operates as a quantum scanner; it scans any object by its beam and transforms it into the sound. 

It is necessary to see the power supply circuit of the laser when buying it. 

All experiments on a wave genetics were conducted using the old power supplies. Companies that sell LGN303 lasers changed the power supplies circuits, that is why new LGN303 lasers do not give the same effects as an old one. I have power supplies of old circuits. If you have a wish to buy laser please do not hesitate to contact me. 

Peter Gariaev creates quantum sound matrices with the help of LGN-303 laser.

The construction peculiarities of this laser allow registering laser beam’s polarization noise and modulating the impulse based power supply unit (switching power supply) with it. Depending on the characteristics of the noise, the power supply unit changes its’ frequency and the impulse width, which in turn influences the wide spectrum of harmonics radiated by it into the air waves.

Laser’s radiator has two beams with linear polarization turned at the angle of 90 degrees respective to each other. These beams have identical radiation power. Polarization noise is described as a phenomenon occurring when the power output of one beam decreases, while the power of the beam with other polarization increases.

This can be registered with special instruments for measuring the noise of lasers.

In order to permanently induce the polarization noise, or the concurrence of modes, the laser is driven into a special mode of functioning with the help of reflected beam. While in this mode, polarization jumps occur permanently. In this mode, the laser is capable of scanning the quantum information from various objects. Through the photo diodes, the signal is being fed to the laser frequency stabilization circuit, which controls the laser furnace, and the impulse based power supply unit (switching power supply) reacts to this signal and turns it into high frequency radio waves, which can be received by the radio set in the AM frequency range. Thus, as per Dr. Gariaev’s assertion, a useful signal carrying the quantum state of the scanned object appears in the sound file.

Dr. Gariaev says that it is necessary to choose the reception frequency on the radio set correctly, in order to pick up the useful signal. At the same time, he does not provide any clear method of doing that.

Therefore, it is possible to further develop the device, which would record the low frequency signal of polarization noise of the laser tube in the form of a sound file to a flash drive or to an MP3 player. After that, the MP3 player would be connected to an identical power supply unit in place of the frequency stabilization circuit, and it would influence the unit’s load. Thus, an identical wide frequency spectrum of power supply unit’s harmonics would be obtained, being modulated by the previously recorded signal from the photo-diodes.

Such a device would allow influencing with the whole spectrum of radio-waves, without the necessity of being physically close to the laser.

A quantum scanner is being used in the research studies conducted in the area of wave genetics and creating the sound matrices. Its’ principle of functioning is based on the registration of plasma leaps of different polarization in the laser radiator, as it interacts with the external mirror, reflecting the ray back into the radiator. The ray partially passes through the external mirror and arrives at the scanned object. This influences the parameters of plasma leaps. These are being registered with the help of photodiodes, which sense two types of polarization: the vertical and horizontal ones. The signal from the photodiodes modulates the spectrum of radio-waves radiated by the laser’s power supply unit. As a result of this, the radio-waves containing information about the quantum state of the scanned object are being emitted into the space. With the help of a radio-receiver it is possible to register these radio-waves and convert them into the sound spectrum. In this spectrum the information about plasma leaps of different polarization, occurring during the scanning of the object, will be present.

For creating the quantum scanner, a LGN-303 laser had been used by the researchers in the field of wave genetics. The constructive implementation of this laser corresponds to the necessary parameters required for the research studies, which had been conducted by Dr. Tertyshnyi, Dr. Gariaev, Dr. Kokaya, Eventov, Mukhina and others.

The authors of the method report about regeneration of the pancreas in rats suffering from diabetes, after these rats are irradiated with the spectrum of the pancreas of a healthy rat. In this experiment, a radio-wave spectrum had been created, which was being modeled by the quantum state of the healthy rat’s pancreas, upon which healthy rat the laser ray landed, as it was functioning in the mode of quantum scanner.

The sound spectrum is an abridged variant of the radio-wave spectrum. It is being influenced by the system of conversion of radio-waves into sound signal, as used in the radio-receiver for the АМ frequency band.

Thus, there are two variants of the spectra: the sound spectra and the radio-wave ones. They can be created out of various objects, for instance, from medicines, chemical substances, metals. Such spectra are called quantum matrices.

For further development of this topic, research studies and independent confirmations or the functioning of spectra in various branches are required, such as medicine, quantum physics, physical metallurgy and others.

The device for obtaining the spectra is called the quantum scanner, as it consists of the laser, which is a quantum generator, which is being modulated by the quantum state of the scanned object. laser LGN-303.

Atomic, stabilized, of continuous functioning mode, functioning based on two orthogonally polarized single frequency components of the radiation. Intended for use as a source of coherent radiation in interferometry, optical detection, fiber optic communications and technical devices. 

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