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HMS (Hologram Matrix Scan) Hardware and Software System




The transforming of sound quantum matrices into DNA texts and Yм Jing hexagrams.

   The wavelength changing of a laser that works in an oncoming beams mode in accordance with the Denisyuk hologram principle is recorded in the sound matrix. The wavelength moving lower than norm shows the Yin energy; the wavelength moving above the norm shows the Yang energy. In Yì Jing hexagrams it is shown by the solid and broken lines. With the help of such an algorithm, it is possible to transform a sound matrix file recorded with a laser into a set of lines or 0 and 1. This set is divided into 6 digits and hexagrams of Yì Jing are obtained. Each hexagram corresponds to 3 codons of DNA. Thus, sound matrices can be transformed into DNA texts and searched for sequences in the human genome database.

Coherent water can be spin-polarized by the information

Coherent water can be spin-polarized by the information from various substances. To do this, the spin filters based on analogue photographs are used. The spin filters of various planets and stars were created using a telescope of an observatory. Thus, a set of different types of coherent water with planetary energies was created. This allows correcting the energy of the horoscope. The astrologer figures your horoscope and finds the weak planets in it; with the purpose to compensate them he assigns coherent water with the spin filter of the necessary planet. An analysis is possible for any period of time using various forecasting techniques.  If the forecast shows the unfavourable influence of the transiting planet, it can be neutralized with the help of the necessary water. A technique for creating talismans for the necessary formulas for events was developed in accordance with Shestopalov method. It is based on calculating the time when in the natal map there will be the necessary formulas of events and buying a thing at this time. Buying a thing, you launch the horoscope at the right time and it attracts the right events. Similarly, at the right time, it is possible to create coherent water using a chip. Consuming such water, you bring in your body energy that will lead to the realization of the necessary events.


когерентные технологии для защиты


Krasnobryzhev coherent water


Pyramid with lithium niobate

The pyramid radiates ultrasound and produces electricity and is the generator of coherent field 


Lithium Niobate (LiNbO3 or LNB) and Lithium Tantalate (LiTaO3 or LTA) possess a combination of unique electro-optical, acoustic, piezoelectric, pyroelectric and non-linear optical properties making it a suitable material for applications in acoustic, electro-optical and non-linear optical devices, high-temperature acoustic transducers, receivers-transmitters of acoustic vibrations, air force acceleration meters, acoustic wave delay lines, deflectors, generators of non-linear distorted waves, acoustic filters, electro-optical Q-modulators (Q-switch), encoders-decoders, filters in television receivers, video-recorders and decoders, converters, frequency doublers and resonators in laser systems, non-linear elements in parametric light generators, etc. An indispensable condition of some of these applications is a high degree of optical uniformity of Lithium Niobate crystals used for fabrication of active elements. Crystal growth technology by low temperature-gradient Czochralsky method allows the growth of large-size high-quality LNB (up to 1-1.5 kg) and LTA single crystals for such non-conventional applications. It should be noted that both crystals are non-hygroscopic, colourless, water-insoluble and have low transmission losses.

   LiNbO3 damage due to photorefractive effect in congruent melt grown LiNbO3 certainly limits it's applications in high optical power devices. For this purpose specially grown LiNbO3 with composition near stoichiometric can be offered. It is similar to the Li-rich VTE LiNbO3 with the obvious advantage that bulk samples can be obtained. Another possibility to increase laser damage threshold of LiNbO3 is doping with MgO. MolTech can offer both MgO:LiNbO3 and stoichiometric LiNbO3 elements cut from boules up to 60 mm dia.

   Some other crystals of LiNbO3 series are available, including LiNbO3 doped with Fe, Zn, Gd, Cu , Y, B, Er etc.

   For some applications similar in properties to Lithium Tantalate (LiTaO3) crystal is more advantageous than LiNbO3 (E-O modulators, pyroelectric sensors etc.). Lithium Tantalate exhibits unique electro-optical, pyroelectric and piezoelectric properties combined with good mechanical and chemical stability and wide transparency range and high optical damage threshold. This makes LiTaO3 well-suited for numerous applications including electro-optical modulators, pyroelectric detectors, optical waveguide and SAW substrates, piezoelectric transducers etc. MolTech can offer parts cut from high quality boules grown along X axis, fully poled, with dia. and length of up to 60 mm.


Luke Chan

 This is in the south of China and by ferry only 1.5 hours away from HKG. The next bigger intenational airport in mainland China is to my knowing Guangzhou Baiyun International Airport  

Zhong Shan, China.



Planetar Grid System


The transformation of quantum scanner signals into the DNA sequences.

The quantum scanner is based on the LGN 303 laser operating in a stabilized mode. The laser modes jumps are recorded as the audio file which is heard as a buzz during listening. The signal above zero of the audio file indicates the laser frequency drift over the normal position which is fixed in the manual; the signal under zero of the audio file indicates the laser frequency drift below this position. Thus, the frequency jumps above null is assigned the Yang energy (or 1 of the binary scale); respectively, the frequency jumps below null is assigned the Yin energy (or 0 of the binary scale). Thus, we receive the binary informational file from the audio file. I Ching can be used for its decoding where every hexagram corresponds f the human's DNA codons. 
It is necessary to use two methods of analyzing such sequences. In the second version of the analysis, a 1-bit bias must be made since the beginning of the sequence of the information spin bit file is unknown. The resulting DNA codon sequences can be searched on specialized sites where the human genomes are the functions of searching for genes from given sections of sequences. Also, such binary files can be transformed into text and numerical sequences with the subsequent search them in databases of dictionaries. It is possible to create video images based on these files. Such methods give the prospect of using a quantum scanner based on the LGN 303 laser in instrumental transcommunication.
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