A practical course of wave genetics.

Contents* a demonstration of the laser device for creating sound matrices;* explanation of the technical details of the origin of matrices and the laser’s principle of functioning;* hypo-magnetic chambers and their principle of functioning;* connecting a hypo-magnetic chamber with a laser device for wave genetics;* different modes of operation of the hypo-magnetic chamber;* the methods of diagnosing a patient’s condition and their results before and after using the chamber;* principle of functioning of Reich’s chamber and Kozyrev’s generators;* working with the harmonizers of various types;* passive and active harmonizers;* practical use of harmonizers in complex with the sound matrices and chambers;* the process of taking treatments in the hypo-magnetic chamber and in the Reich’s chamber;* the application of musical and art therapy in complex with the chambers.* An excursion to the laboratories of the Institutes, in which the wave genetics research is being conducted.For those interested it is also possible to offer lectures on astro-genetics based on Hindu Astrology and on the digital analysis of humans.* An excursion to the observatory.* An examination of the Sun Telescope for gathering of Chizhevsky-Valkhoven statistics.* Information about modernization of telescopes with a transition to the Kozyrev system.
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